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While other parents are just saying ‘No’ to their kids, Tyga is going to be one to say ‘Yes’ to son King. The rapper recently told VIBE that he doesn’t plan to be the strict father who’s constantly denying his son’s wishes. “I always see parents tell their kids, ‘No you can’t have that.’ They’re kids. They have to have a good childhood. I don’t think I’m going to tell my kid, ‘No,'” said the rapper.

Tyga has been one proud father since he and girlfriend Blac Chyna welcomed their adorable son into the world last year. The rapper and model have shared several pictures of King with Twitter fans and Tyga proclaimed his excitement with ‘106 & Park’ fans saying, “I just wanted to share [my life] with the world. It’s a blessing.”

Tyga’s new album, ‘Hotel California,’ will make its debut on March 26, 2013. King Cairo is Blac Chyna and Tyga’s first child together.


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  1. When he start walking and breaking things…like his watches..he gon be saying no alot lol…i guess hes referring to everything his son want hes going to have…but hes a new parent…when a child is born…a dad is born…so hes growing with hin

  2. Agree with JaDaChaCha, he’s a first time young parent. I bet if his son, at age 4, said dad I want to wear a pink dress & be referred to as Queen Ciara from now on, he’ll say no & wont regret it.

    • LOL right! And not being able to say no usually stops at around 2 anyway. Once they’re able to talk back and throw tantrums that no comes out so fast you dont even have time to think about it or care.

  3. Its gonna be hard to say no to that little cute face but it will happen..LOL!! Like Kevin Hart said when fathers watch their kids, they are yelling no, stop that, sit down, come here, stop, sit down, no over and over again..LOL!!

  4. I don’t tknow why some parents think not saying no is showing love. I think being able to say no when need be is showing them you love them the most.

  5. Yes their kids and u try to give them everything they need, but if u give him everything he wants ur creating a monster! Kids have to know that somethings have to be worked for or earned! King is a handsome fella, but I promise u I’d be able to tell him NO!

  6. I’m loving the coloured photo, so precious! Tyga and King Cairo are an absolutely gorgeous Father and Son duo!

  7. Idk if I would be able to say no to that face either lol. That sweet little face would break my heart lmao. Maybe Chyna will be the one to step in & lay the law lol. You could still give a child a good childhood w/out giving them everything they ask for.

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