Kimora Lee-Simmons lives her life without regrets. She recently told The Age that her beginnings as a fashion model has shaped her present standing as entrepreneur and reality television star.

“[Modeling] was amazing for me. I worked with the best – Givenchy, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent – and it gave me an ability to be confident,” said the star. “It turned me into a CEO and a creative director and a brand. My show is positive and also I have a business and a job. The show is about my work, [it is] not my work.”

Although life has reared a few hiccups her way in terms of marriage and divorce from Russell Simmons and Dijimon Hounsou, Kimora chooses to focus on the positive factors in life, telling The Age, “[Russell and I] had fifteen amazing years together. We have two beautiful daughters – Ming Lee and Aoki Lee – he’s so significant in my life – we’re still best friends. I’ve had two good marriages with amazing children and still have these great guys in my life. I’m lucky, always hopeful… I love my life.”

Kimora and Russell Simmons welcomed Ming,13, and Aoki,10, into the world during their 15 year marriage from 1998 to 2006. The fashion mogul and Dijimon Hounsou parent one child, Kenzo, together.



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  1. People Kimora was married to Djimon. Traditional Africans weddings count…i am South African and i have a friend who had a traditional wedding. She and everyone else around her considers her to be a married woman!

    • If you live in Africa, that wedding is legal, in Africa. If it was important to Kimora, she would have gotten married in Africa to honor Djimon’s heritage as well as in the US so it may be legally recognized. She received alimony from Russell while ‘married’ to Djimon. IJS.

  2. They had a traditional ceremony in Benin but of course they never made it legal in the U.S. because she continued to receive alimony from Russell.

  3. Um, just because their relationship is great now does not mean they should still be together. People fall out of love with each other everyday or they could simply not have that connection with one another that they once did. Because my mom and dad have been divorced for for 7 years and they are great friends and I can tell you for a fact that that was a relationship that needed to end. So stop assuming you know what happened or the all the things that led up to her divorce and separation.

    Also, she says husband, because like most women now a days, she chose to do everything a married couple do, such as have sex, shack up and have a child together, just without the actual commitment/vows. So if your already playing house, then whats the point in making it official, so she could already feel like she is married.

    Oan: with all her failed attempts at love, she has done 2 things right and that is raise 2 beautiful, seemingly loving little girl and young lady. Kenzo is still young, but she has done great with him cute self too.

  4. Regardless if they were married or simply domestic partners, kudos for removing her feelings from the equation and always putting her kids relationship with dad first. We must remember that to prevent a negative we must be the positive.

  5. Kimora is an awesome mother to her beautiful kids but if her “marriages” were so good then why didn’t they work out? Hmm

  6. I wish this chick would stop saying she was married to Djimon. It reminds me of dumb females that call themselves wifey! What the f is a wifey?!?! But she and her men and Will, Jada, and Sheree should write books on co-parenting. They seem to know some secret or method that others don’t!

    • You know!!! I guess trying to present yourself as a “role model” for others, require her to say that, but we all know it’s bull. I agree about the book writing part, but I for one don’t believe it’s as perfect as they make it seem. Some where, some place, some one caught an attitude about something.

  7. if they were that great why are you divorced twice? but i understand that some people are not bad individuals but you you cant get along because of things like they love to argue, you just cant hold a conversation with them without arguing, they always look for some type of contradiction and turn a simple beautiful conversation into an argument,……i know a very nice person who is like that……
    sometimes at the start of the relationship you overlook these minor flaws but later realize that you can’t live everyday without being able to hold a simple conversation without arguing…

    • or some people are just can’t compromise, they will give you the world, make sure your needs are met but they don’t do the things that you enjoy, they only do the things that they enjoy, and again at the start of the relationship people tend to overlook these things but years later you realize you want to be with someone who enjoys doing the things you love doing, or at least making an effort too ……

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