Black History Month is alive and well in the Taylor-Cambridge clan. Cali Dream and King Justice recently snapped pics together while dressed in their finest ethnic attire as mom, Tiffney Cambridge, watched with pride. “Let brotherly love continue❤Cali & Justice,” tweeted Cambridge.

Cali and Justice were recently featured in their mom and dad’s reality show, ‘Marrying The Game.’ The brother and sister duo were right by mom’s side as she prepared to marry the rapper whose ‘Jesus Piece’ mix is making serious headway in the industry. After all of the preparation was complete, Tiffney decided that marrying the Game wasn’t in her best interest, and called off the wedding.

Even without the extravagance of a ceremony, Tiffney and the Game still make time for each other. “A woman needs patience, strength, and a nearly limitless amount of understanding and endurance,” explained the reality star to Anthony Bowles of Examiner.com. “This race is not won by the swiftest, but by the one who endures. Jayceon and I are committed to each other and continuing to build a strong foundation for our relationship. Maybe [fans] will see Jayceon and I get our acts together and finally make it down the aisle [in 2013].”

Tiffney and the Game have two children together. The Game has three kids in all.

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  4. The Game have a very lovely family. Cali always have a pleasant smile and she is a beautiful little girl. The kids are just too gorgeous.

  5. Yes, say it loud and be proud to be Black! Our culture is rich with successful smart people and must pass that knowledge down to our kids.

  6. I guess they call King by his middle name.

    Cali and King are gorgeous!

    I love their attire!

    My daughter had “culture day” at school a couple weeks ago. She had on her kiddie’s carnival outfit, with her Trinidadian flag.

    • @EVELINA RAE, I didn’t realize you were a Trini. Did you go home for Carnival? We went last year, you guys Carnival always conflict with Rio so my dad’s fraternity alternates with the odd years Rio, the even years T&T.

      @Gnostic, You have a good memory. THANK YOU :-) I’m not doing anything today. I convinced the parental units to let me have my birthday week, the same week as Carnival on my island with my party on 28 April, the day after Carnival finishes. I have a date with my dad on Thursday to see Bruno Mars.

      • My grandparents are Trinidadian, My parents and I are British and my children are Canadian. We all live in Canada now.

        We usually all go to Trinidad’s carnival, but this year my cousins only went. :(

          • Canada’s fine, I guess. I left England when I was almost 3, so it’s all I know. White people hate on black people just like anywhere else. It doesn’t seem as bad as America, but it’s bad for “us”. I’ve grown up in what my friends call a “white community”. I received some racism in middle school and high school, but I had close white friends that stood up for me. My parents always taught my sisters, brother and I about our Trini culture, so we’re really into the west indian way of life, which is great for me and my children. Canada is just where I live it doesn’t make me who I am, in a sense.

      • I originally replied to you at the email address you left on my blog. If I wanted to reply to you on BCK I would have done so. There was no need for you to paste my response to you here. Please don’t do it again. If you do I will block you from my blog.

  7. Omg! They look SO CUTE in their African garb! I hope the best for Tiffney and Jayceon too. I watched most of the episodes. The Game was kinda inconsiderate. They have beautiful children.

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