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3/7/13: Updated with 5-week photo of Hero.

Brave Pullen has a lot to be courageous about these days. With a new sister around the house, Brave has the big task of showing her younger sibling the ropes and working with mom and dad to ensure that baby is safe.

Actress Cree Summer and husband Angelo Pullen welcomed their second child into the world just over a month ago in the comforts of their home. Hero Peregrine Pullen was born at a healthy weight on January 26, 2013, making it the second time that Cree and Angelo delivered a baby Au Natural.

Summer was sure to thank fans for their warm wishes after giving birth, tweeting, “Our family added a little girl on the 26th of January. Welcome home. We love you Hero Peregrine Pullen. Thank you all for all the warm wishes we are moved by your sweetness.”

Cree also shared a bit of her exhaustion with social media fans, initially writing, “Good morning Our lil Hero is up and letting the world know ! Oh to be so tired and so happy all at once lucky us #babybliss,” and later commenting, “I am deliriously happy and deeply ‘ New Mama Tired ‘ Our little Peregrine is sleeping like a little bird.”

Hero is Angelo and Cree’s second daughter. The couple wed several years ago.

Photo: Instagram

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  1. boy those kids have some big ole jowls and some juicy lips on them! cute as they wanna be. not really feeling the names though.

  2. These girls are adorable. The names..SMH. Better than the woman I had in my office today, her daughters were named Honesty & Promise. SMH hard.

  3. I wonder why no one talks about Cree Summer’s firstborn child — a son named Miles. He is between 14 to 16 years old now. Someone once posted a picture of Cree with Miles when he was about 4 years old. He is an absolutely gorgeous brown skinned black curly hair little fella. Google search Cree Summer and her son Miles — the pictures are there.

    • I honestly didn’t know she had a son. He’s cute! I really was expecting a unique name, haha, like Cash, Hawk, River or something like that.

    • She has no son name Miles, These are her first two children. I think you are confusing her with someone else. What kind of mother would not post pics or acknowledge her own children. Sorry but you have her confused with someone else plus she wouldn’t name her kids plain names like Miles lol.

      Unless you are confusing her with a pic of her lil brother name Rainbow idk, he’s an adult though.

  4. Brave and Hero look alike. This is crazy, but i am now so used to their names to the point where i cant imagine them with another.

  5. Hero goes very well with Brave.

    Myleene Klass, a british singer, also names her daughter Hero in 2011. When I read about it in 2011 I honestly thought NO ONE else would pick that name for a girl…boy, was I wrong, haha.

  6. Brave is the spitting image of Cree when she was that age. Beautiful. Can’t wait to see little Hero Peregrine. I bet she is gorgeous. I saw her foot. That’s about it. LOL! Two sisters with two powerful names. Names with meaning.

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