Trinity and Jackson Bosh bask in the shade while enjoying a glorious Florida day together. The brother and sister smile wide for the camera as Adrienne Bosh snaps the pic.

The Bosh kids often spend quality time together, laughing and playing while watching dad, Chris Bosh, play on the court. Adrienne has taken several pictures with Jackson and Trinity at ball games and wants nothing more than a close-knit family. “As a Mommy nothing brings me greater joy then watching my family be together…watching them playing and laughing,” explains the mother of one.

Jackson is Adrienne and Chris’ first child together. Trinity is Chris and former girlfriend Allison Mathis’ little one.


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  4. Cute kids and whoa does time fly fast because it seem like it was just last month that BCK annouced that the Bosh Family welcomed a baby boy and the mom holding baby Bosh.
    btw.Trinity reminds me of China Ann back in House Of Payne Days

    • I blame the courts & attorneys that allowing that mess to get by. The man lives in Florida, period. Stop the mess for Trinity’s sake.

      • I have to agree Shirley. I don’t understand why the courts would even allow this. And I don’t understand how any man would go through this much trouble when ultimately it benefits his daughter. He has probably paid more in court cost (they are NO joke) fighting this than he would have had to pay her. Whatever percentage he would have to pay would probably not even be missed. The shadiness will catch up to him eventually. I just don’t get it. But it’s not my problem so….

        On a more positive note, Trinity is beautiful. And her lil bro is just too cute. Trinity always looks comfortable around Adrienne. I hope they continue to maintain a good relationship.

        • The money wouldnt have benefited his daughter anymore than the money he was/is already paying. It would have only benefited Allison to continue sitting on her behind & not find another job or continue her education. She should have took the original deal when it was 1st offered to her & she would have gotten way more. & the courts went by where he pays taxes. He pays, I believe its federal taxes, in Texas. He’s gonna be spending more time in Florida now b/c his job is w/ the Miami Heat, he has to spend his time there. BuT when he does get time off, he’s right back in Texas.

  5. I’ve got my Jackson Bosh! He & Trinity are too cute. Loving the top picture of them.

    BCK, you guys ROCK!!!! <3

  6. They are too cute for words. I’m glad Trinity’s mother came to her senses and she and Chris can work it out. Look at how happy that little girl is. That’s what matters the most. Her happiness. They look like fun little bits to be around.

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