Terry Crews is one for spoiling and embarrassing his five kids with wife Rebecca. He recently told TODAY.com that he often over-indulges with his kids and is sure that his ‘Old Spice’ commercials from years ago have embarrassing effects.

As a dad who once played for the NFL and now acts, Terry admits that being away from his kids a lot comes with the territory. “The biggest challenge, really, is balancing your own career and five kids, because there is no give at all,” explains the celeb. “I always have this guilty dad thing, too, where I come home and then I just make up (for being gone) and indulge too much.” Rebecca adds, “And then I have to say ‘you’re spoiling our children,’ because Terry will come home and take them to every theme park in a 100-mile radius.”

Although he enjoyed every bit of the ‘Old Spice’ commercials that featured him as one who was both strong and musically inclined, Terry told TODAY that he’s sure his children are embarrassed by the whole experience. “If you’re not embarrassed a little bit, I ain’t doing it right. That’s called good comedy! If it doesn’t make you cringe for just a second, it didn’t work,” says the actor.

Terry has one son and four girls and although he found much success in football during his early years, Crews refuses to allow his son, Isiah, to play the game right now. “I would never put him in football now,” explains the actor. “It’s too early. He has to be literally 14 or 15 years old just to even start. It’s ridiculous, kids starting in football right now. It doesn’t really make any sense. All they can do is just get hurt.”

Terry and Rebecca proudly parent Isiah,7, Winfrey,10, Tara,14, Azriel,22, and Naomi,26. The couple wed over 20 years ago.

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  8. Love this family! Terry seems like such a softy like a big teddy bear and his kids have him wrapped around their finger.

  9. This family is another family, like the Peetes & Nicole Ari & Boris, that Hollywood is sleeping on. This is the epitome of what a Black family really is.

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