Actresses Tia & Tamera Mowry and their sons were spotted filming scenes for their reality show at Menchies in Studio City, California on March 14, 2013. Tia’s son Cree Hardrict,1, wore a plaid shirt for the outing while Aden Housley, 4 months, complemented him in a plaid outfit of his own!

Tia and Tamera are gearing up to debut a third season of their reality show Tia & Tamera, which is set to air this summer.

Photos: FameFlynet

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  1. İ just adore Cree he so funny and an entertainer!The curls look wow and Aden is so cute.Not left behind he has his drafted pants on!

  2. 2 LITTLE CUTIES THAT MELT YOUR HEART! I LOVE Cree’s eyes and those long eye lashes…those kissable lips. And little baby Aden is soooo handsome with his little hat and those baby blues!!

  3. Wow look at the mommies with their cutie pies!! Wishing them nothing but oodles of “aww” with their lil fellas.

  4. I see nothing wrong w/ someone only mentioning 1 kid, you arent required to point out every kid. When it comes to heidi klum kids, majority of the comments are only talking about Lou, so why is it a problem here?. Its better than them saying something negative. They are actually following the the rule “you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all…” & it has nothing to do w/ like European features smh.
    So I think aden is so cute. His facial expressions show his personality already. His face in the group shot has me cracking up hahaha

  5. My goodness!! what is with all the “thumbs down” with people posting compliments about BOTH children?? Do some individuals dislike positive feedback on here or what?

  6. Both babies are beautiful because they just are. People who place European features (blue eyes, straighter hair) over African features will favor Aden but that just shows their prejudice.

  7. I can’t believe people are on here debating on the”cuteness” of a 2yr old. And those same people come at me for when I speak about Kim K. It’s ok to be negative towards an innocent child, but wrong to do same about an adult. People are twisted..SMH.

  8. I dont mean to come across as ‘mean’, but age agrees with Cree. He is getting cuter the older he gets. I love the picture of him in the gallery with the family dog- he’s too cute.
    Aden is a beautiful baby.

      • Some things are best left unsaid. “If you ain’t got nothin nice to say, don’t say nuffin at all”. People can be honest but still be mean at the same damn time. Future lol

  9. Aww they are too cute but baby aden is my favorite with his little hat. Btw is it just me or does Cree and Aden look alike in this picture ? I think both babies have a mixture of both of their parents in them because whenever I see cree with his mom I see his dad and vice versa but they are starting to look more like each other then their moms and dads.

  10. This sister bond will never, ever be broken. And to both be blessed/w sons and enjoy them growing together… So many blessings! GOD is GOOD!!

  11. If this is the cutest family pic ever! Aden is like ‘Cree, look! Forget the camera dude, you gotta see this!’ :) I love it!!

        • I’m not commenting on her “prerogative” — I’m commenting on her obvious rudeness. I can see that you’re also passenger on that train wreck called ignorance.


      • You know, Dee is entitled to like whomever she likes. Aden is cute. She’s not lying. Who are you all to tell her what to say and how to feel?! People on this universe are FUNNY! I don’t mean funny HA HA either.

        IMO Both boys a handsome. Cree becomes cuter as he gets older. Aden was cute from day one. Again, this is just my opinion.

        • And it’s my opinion that people who don’t think that Cree is cute are just plain ignorant! He’s just a baby.

          • You’re entitled. No one said you weren’t. Do I agree with you typed?? Umm, NO!! Lol. I don’t. I’ll say it AGAIN. WHO ARE YOU TO TELL HER WHAT SHE CAN AND CANNOT SAY/TYPE?!?! She made a comment about Aden. She didn’t make a comment about Cree because she CHOSE NOT TO, WHICH SHE’S ENTITLED TO DO!! No one is saying he isn’t cute. To me, the older the gets, the cuter he gets.

            I’ll give you another one. Both of the twins are beautiful and unique in their own way, but I believe Tamera is prettier. Tamera’s face is softer and more youthful, while Tia’s is more serious. I also like Tamera’s personality better. She’s more angelic, soft and free spirited. Am I wrong for saying this and having an opinion?!?! I’ll wait. Lol.

          • But where in Dee’s comment did she say Cree isn’t cute tho? You making assumptions

          • @ Iridescent (whatever your name is) mind your own business! My original comment was NOT directed at you! Ha! Then you wonder why so many folks thumb down your comments on here. I used to feel sorry for you, but not so much anymore. Bye girl!

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