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Jai and Dev are sweet siblings with twin power. The 7-month-old boys were recently photographed by mom, Daya Vaidya, as they played in the park and lounged around the house with big sister Leela Grace. Leela took several pics as she pushed her brothers around in the double stroller and helped mom care for them.

Daya shared the twins’ development with Twitter fans telling them, “They’ve just started picking up their bellies and scooting all over floor. And I swear Dev jus said ‘da da.’ I don’t remember Leela doing this so early. I know every baby is different. I love to watch a baby’s #developments.”

Vaidya introduced her twins to PEOPLE magazine readers in October 2012, where she explained her reasoning behind deciding to go au natural for their birth. “I didn’t want to numb any of my senses; I wanted to experience every moment — including the pain,” said Daya. “That’s what was right for me. It doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone and I’m certainly not judging anyone for their choices. I think we as women should support and celebrate one another, not feel threatened by another woman’s decision or birth outcome.”

Daya and husband Don Wallace have three kids together.



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  1. Ok so don’t crucify me for asking. But when a child is that young shouldnt you have like covers over the swing? Idk if they have them for swings but i’ve seen them for shopping carts. Just to cover the area?

    • Nah. This whole “I’m afraid to let the world touch my child” is a somewhat new phenomenon. We ALL sat in grocery carts uncovered as children and are all alive today to tell it.

  2. They are 7 months old already? Goodness, slow down, I want to enjoy the cuteness a bit longer. Their children are so cute. I don’t have a fav BCK twins, but they are inching up there.

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