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Kiyan Anthony and King “Justice” Taylor are play pals. The youngsters recently spent time together while their parents snapped pics of them. King and Kiyan became inseparable after seeing ‘Oz: The Great and Powerful’ as The Game tweeted, “@lala & @lovetiffney took the swag twins Kiyan & @kingjusticetaylor to the movies to see OZ….. Now they can’t be separated ha ha ha.”

King and Kiyan played several games and visited the YMCA over the weekend, and Kiyan even gave support to King at his basketball game while sporting a Los Angeles ‘Kings’ hat. La La commented on her son’s experience with his play pal on Twitter writing, “Kiyan’s play date with Justice!! Best time ever. Thanks @lovetiffney we had fun!!”

Kiyan is La La and Carmelo Anthony’s first child together. Tiffney Cambridge and The Game have two kids together.

Photos: Instagram

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  1. Just GORGEOUS boys! I love to see the celebrity kids hanging out together…it just confirms how normal they are. :)

  2. Kiyan’s smile melts my heart each time I see it. He’s such a happy child & it shows. Justice (so sick of King as a first name), is too cute with his curly hair.

  3. Kiyan is looking more and more like his dad Carmelo. Especially that facial expression. Good looking boys

    • Everytime I go to say he looks like one parent he changes his expression and looks like the other. I think LaLa’s bright eyes and Mel’s demeanor just makes him look so adorable.

  4. You know how some people just look like they’d be friends? They do.
    Probably stay that way once they get older. Even with the them living between NY and LA. That’d be cute.

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