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Heidi Klum hung with the kids for a beautiful beach day on Saturday (March 23). The model and her clan-Leni, Henry, Johan, and Lou-splashed around the water and played in the sand while looking fabulous. Heidi sported blue jeans and a matching shirt that read ‘Love,’ while her kids rocked bathing suits and trunks.

Klum recently told PEOPLE that her kids keep her fit. “It’s very hard to find time obviously to work out. I’m like a mom and dad in one,” said the model. “When I go shopping I put on my sneakers and my [fitness] clothes. I run through the store or I take the dogs and the children and I go up the canyon or I go into the backyard and I jump with my kids on the trampoline, so I try to put the exercise into my daily routine.”

Heidi and Seal work together to parent their kids. The former couple announced their plans to divorce last year.


Photos: Zimbio.com

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  1. Nothing beats happy active and well loved kids. These kids are so American with all their lil schedules with parents intow. So luv this fam… Wishing them more happiness with each day

  2. I’m going to need more close ups on Lou. All of Heidi’s children are adorable and I envy that she has so much spare time.

  3. Heidi and Seal seem to be doing a great job with all four of their gorgeous children, but…….they really do need to hire a nanny of AA ethnicity. It seems as though the kids have little or no other contact with AA people other than their father. Not sure if Seal is close to any family members, or if any live in the U.S., but I’ve NEVER seen another AA person in their lives. There just may be one or two, but I doubt it.

    Please don’t jump all over me, but I think it would be healthier for their adjustment. Even Brangelina have a black English/French nanny. I’ve seen photos of her in other publications. And the Jolie-Pitts kids seem to adore her.

    P.s. what’s this new trend of celeb parents permanently dying their childrens hair? Why would a parent bleach a 4 year olds hair? And Gwen Stephani and Gavin Rossdale go even further, by bleaching son Kingston’s hair platinum to match his mom’s bleached tresses, and his younger brothers blonde, but soon to be brown hair.

  4. Little Lou Lou, little Lou Lou, with freckles on your skin! LOL All of her kids are adorable. I have no doubt that running around after and regularly taking children to and fro can keep you in great shape. Heidi Klum’s a soccer mom. =)

  5. @ Celeste, I agree. Henry’s my favorite too. He just seems so laid back and chill. Cool breeze. Lol. Lou does look like her dad and so does Henry. Johan is Heidi. Beautiful children.

  6. All 4 kids are too adorable but I most defenitly love me some lou and Johan I love that hes growing his hair back out also and Henry and Lou are all daddy while Johan and Leni look like mami

  7. I just saw a photo of Seal as a boy and Lou looks most like him, with Henry a close second. Henry is my favorite but they’re all cute.

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