Lauren London got her start in the hit film ‘ATL’ as New New. The actress is now gearing up for a starring role in BET’s ‘The Game,’ and can’t be more grateful for a supportive family to help with her 3-year-old son, Cameron Carter. London recently sat down with Cocoa Fab to talk about her hectic schedule and the amazing support system she has.

One of the greatest challenges that Lauren faced after giving birth to Cameron in 2009 was separation. As she explained to Cocoa Fab, “It was challenging for me because I didn’t have 24/7 with him, but all of the women in my life that are mothers worked and made it happen. It was good and grand and I think that it’s good for children sometimes to have a little bit of independence and not be up under you all the time.”

The actress continued, “I made sure that my days off I was with him and spent time with him, made sure that the days I was gonna be on set really, really long he came on set, he knew what I was doing. This is just mommy’s work and mommy will be right back. It’s just life for me and I just do it. I get asked that question a lot. But women do it with three or four kids with no help at all. I’m blessed to have family that travel with me and help me with him.”

Although she and Cameron’s dad, Lil’ Wayne, are no longer in a relationship, Lauren works hard to create a healthy environment in which her son can flourish. “Every situation is different, but I really want to create a peaceful environment for my child,” said London to Cocoa. “I want him to know love and peace and balance and … that’s so important to me. I have no reason to dislike anyone or to have any conflict because the most important thing for me is for him to be raised in a peaceful environment where things can be settled. For me, that was just important.”

Lauren gave birth to Cameron on September 9, 2009 with Lil’ Wayne and other family members by her side. The little one weighed 7lbs 12oz.

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  1. lauren, PLEASE! you claim to fame is nu nu in ATL and being lil wayne’s baby mama.
    you didnt have casting agents looking for you. since giving birth you have done guest appearances here and there( Reed Between The Lines, Single Ladies ) , but nothing steady. CHILD SUPPORT is paying your bills. TheGame is a godsend for you but we the fans hate the show so it will end this season for good.

    I do wonder does she not live in Los angeles? bc no pics of her taking cameron to the park ?

  2. Once upon a time in fairyland there lived a beautiful princess that liked being friends with a really bad villager. One day her fairy god mother aka EPT told her she was going to be a mother. Not so said the princess, she had many things to do and people to see, motherhood would have to wait. The princess told the bad villager what her fairy god mother said and what she intended to do. The bad villager told her that if she did what she wanted to do, he would tell all of the Royal Kingdom what she did and she would not be a beautiful princess anymore. So the beautiful princess succumbed to the bad villagers blackmail. And they all lived happily ever after…in a new blended village.

  3. Lauren has every right to keep their child out of the limelight. I certainly understand why she does. Fans can be quite intrusive at times. Like Beyoncé stated in her documentary “it’s no one business what her child is wearing.” I totally agree with her.

    Not to mention the nasty comments on the site that would keep a mother from protecting her child.

  4. Lauren is the master of hiding her child. For those who really want to hide their children (sneeze—Beyonce, Halle, Kim K—) ask Lauren for advice. In fact, ask Dwayne Carter because we rarely see his children plastered all over the place, Cameron & Neal especially.

    • Lauren is not sought after as hard as Beyonce, Halle, or Kim is, but she does do a great job concealing her son (I’ve seen pics, he is cute btw).

      • People keep using that tired ‘so & so is not sought after as much as so & so’ or ‘no one is checking for so & so like they are for so & so’ to justify mess. Please! When you want to stay out of the limelight, you find a way. But those people that stay in the limelight, seek it, desire it & feel they are being forgotten about if their names aren’t on everyone’s mouth & if their picture isn’t plastered everywhere.

        Morris Chestnut, Denzel Washington, Vin Diezel, Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), Angela Bassett, LeBron James, Kerry Washington, I can go on, are ‘sought after’ are being ‘checked for’ yet you do not see photos from paps documenting every move they make. The only ones you see are the ones they post. Those three I mentioned above & many others, Chris Brown, Rhianna, Kanye West, cry about not having privacy but yet they do not do anything to preserve it.

        • Those ladies mentioned are always caught in the lilight because they create their own limelight and are constantly puttting out their own press for continued relevence. It would be very easy to slip around without being hounded by a slew of photographers. Lookaround your own city. Do you see photgraphers staked out on every corner waiting for a celeb to randomly walk by? These people have publicists who schedule these “candid” pictures of them doing ordinary things like taking their cat to the vet, picking their kids up from school or eating lunch. Dont be that niave. Nothing is by chance in entertainment.

          • That is very true because I was watching my life is a lifetime movie, they were highlighting this woman who knew John Gossling and she found out by some digging that he would call the paps himself and set it up where if he were coming down the street with her they would already be there snapping pics of the two of them

        • So you honestly think Lauren London is as big of a celeb/public figure as the other women and as sought after for interviews/she mentioned? Honestly outside the Black community I don’t think most people even know or care who she is.

          People keep using that tired ‘so & so is not sought after as much as so & so’ or ‘no one is checking for so & so like they are for so & so’ to justify mess. Please! When you want to stay out of the limelight, you find a way. But those people that stay in the limelight, seek it, desire it & feel they are being forgotten about if their names aren’t on everyone’s mouth & if their picture isn’t plastered everywhere.

          As for your general point I do agree there are ways to maintain more privacy, but the bigger of a star that you are the harder it gets, that’s just the truth. I mean Angelina & Brad aren’t even in LA half the time, they’re not constantly hitting all the hotspots yet if they buy a churro from a street vendor in Brazil someone manages to get a pic of it. So it’s not something people have complete control over.

          Of the other people you listed, you don’t see pics of Lebron and Kerry? We must be looking at different blogs and mags lol cause I see PLENTY pics of Lebron and Kerry at events, shopping etc. When Vin Diesel was at the peak of his fame there were LOTS of photos of him, same for the The Rock. So some of those examples don’t really hold up.

          • You are clearly missing the point so I’m going to keep this short. You see pictures of Kerry Washington, LeBron James, etc when they are on the red carpet, when they are promoting something, when they are on the court, you do not see them pictured walking to the mailbox, walking into a bistro in an out of the way spot, taking a walk down the street. Fast & Furious 6 is coming out starring Rock, Vin Deisel & Tyrese, however you don’t see them pictured going to rehearsal or shooting, but you will see them when they are promoting the movie. Big celebrity, hot celebrity, currently at their peak celebrity, or not, if these stars truly wanted the privacy they cry about, they would take steps to have it. One perfect example, Kanye is at his peak & he’s having a child with Kim K. Yet you see Kim K photoed twenty times a day..without Kanye.

      • That and all those women mentioned would slit their wrists if no one was checking for them anymore………………

  5. She should not be on BCK…..that child is 3yrs old & still no siteing of him, where the heck is she hiding him….she’s worst then Bey & Jay. I say no pic, no article b/c its not that serious!

  6. I enjoyed the Game last night! I might continue to watch, but wit no Med School and Ding Dong it’s going to be hard! I want to see Cameron!

    • I left The Game when it went to BET & became like the same mess happening in the projects. If I want to see business woman Tasha Mack act ghetto 75% of the time, I’ll go to Bed-Sty. They also removed Kelly, the token white woman on the show. I actually liked her.

    • I’m happy med school is gone lol. She was working my nerves. Her character got so annoying, I actually stopped watching. But im sad to see Derwin go. I loved him, I wanted to reach into the screen & hug him when he got traded

  7. She is so gorgeous & i bet her son is just as cute. I liked her character on The Game, excited to see what else gonna happen to her character on the show.
    I wish we could see lil guy, but shes doing a good job at keeping him private. His parents are the celebs, not him so he gets to grow up normal…I saw the interview she did w/ Wendy yesterday’s & she put wendy in her place after wendy made a comment that made it seem she was calling Lauren a gold digger. Lauren was like “I got my own money honey…” ha! Wendy gets messy for no reason

      • I didn’t know either.

        I watched Wendy on a modeling show, with Naomi Campbell called “The Face” and Wendy was on this one black girl for being 21 having a 4 year old and 2 year old with different Fathers and not being with either of them and she has a man, haha. The girl handled Wendy well, but I was like “dang…her business is out on national television, nice Wendy O_o”

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