Halle Berry was all smiles as she bumped around Buenos Aires on Monday (April 8). The actress was in town to promote her movie, ‘The Call,’ and was sure to show off her small bump to red carpet onlookers. Halle cradled her bump as cameras snapped away, and even turned to the side so photographers could get great shots of her growing stomach.


The actress recently told CNN that pregnancy the second time around has come as a pleasant surprise. “This has been the biggest surprise of my life to tell you the truth,” said Halle. “I thought I was kind of past the point where this could be a reality for me. So it’s been a big surprise and the most wonderful.”

Berry is expecting her and fiance Olivier Martinez’s first child together. The actress also has a daughter named Nahla.

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  1. What a beautiful blessing. My grandmother had my mom at 52. My mom died in my birth at 23. They both were probably against the usual odds. Pregnancy and timing is different for each person. I hope she has a happy healthy addition to her family.

  2. Halle got her a “test tube” baby girl that cost thousands of dollars and menopase baby boy due to age. Wow!!!!! What a blessin without marriage

  3. Folks always so quick to judge Halle and how she feels about the paps obsession/w Nahla. I sure would like to know how they would handle/feel if they were put in this position/predicament everytime they left the house/w their child?!! And who’s really going to up and change their whole lifestyle? To avoid something that shouldn’t happen in the first place!!

  4. lol. I am still lol. Looks like another person is gonna pull a Beyonce. B, see what you started. At 46 her eggs are scrambled. lol. lol.

  5. Hope everything works out well for her. I haven’t really seen much of her work except for what we have in our bibliothèque but I love seeing her with Nahla. She seems like a very loving mum and Martinez is very affectionate with Nahla; after all in terms of a “family”; Martinez, Berry and Nahla have been a family unit longer than Aubry, Berry and Nahla . It’s obvious that Martinez he loves Nahla and the feeling is reciprocated. Children can tell who loves them.

    My wish for Nahla would be for everyone to move past their differences. When I was younger I used to see Carlos Leon in the city with both Lourdes and Rocco sans nanny, while not the same situation it was still good. Can’t wait to see photos of Nahla holding her new brother. I was about her age when my little brother was born, such an exciting yet sad time for my family.

    • Have to disagree, Gabriel Halle & Nahla are more of a family unit. Gabriel never left, he was always there & even though Olivier is in the home, Nahla knows her daddy.

        • So if a woman was on welfare for a few years, is it ok ti call her a lazy good for nothing because that’s what she chose to do at the time? My point is just because you chose to be a celebrity doesn’t give everyone the right to constantly invade or violate your privacy. If you think it does, you become a celebrity & give us that right.

          • But the paps come with the territory, all high profile celebs deal with it not just her. They are so quick to scream they want privacy, well stay out the spotlight if that’s the case.

          • She’s not placing herself in the spotlight, she’s promoting her movies currently. When Nahla was a baby, you rarely saw them pictured out, it’s only in the last couple years that they have been hounding her. Yes, I do believe she can find privacy should she really want it, however, it still does not give the paps that right either. Being a celebrity doesn’t mean you sign your’s or your child’s privacy rights away.

        • The paps weren’t this crazy a few years ago. Before blogs, tmz, gossip sites became popular the paps weren’t this disrespectful. They’ve gotten out of control. & Halle don’t mind the paps when she’s alone, it’s when she’s w/ her daughter (whose not a celeb fyi) gets hounded & stalked by those crazies

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