DMX is a man determined to make things right by his kids. The rap artist recently sat down with his 20-year-old son Xavier and television personality Iyanla Vanzant to make amends with the young adult who had lots of questions for his dad. The rap star and his son embraced and talked a bit as Iyanla tried to serve as middle person in the conversation. Although they came to a consensus on many things, DMX was unable to come to terms with his son’s request to rid himself of bad habits that have plagued much of his career.

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  3. Although, I fully support DMX cleansing his body of the drugs and alcohol it’s a slow process. I feel bad because I know Iyanla had the best intentions and she has a cutthroat approach, she cuts to the chase but DMX got very defensive. At the end it mentioned DMX and Xavier haven’t spoken since the taping. How long ago was the taping? They hadn’t seen each other for a whole year before the sit down with Iyanla? This was just so sad. All we can do is pray.

  4. DMX is NOT determined to do right by anyyne, himself included. He will die (harsh, but true) becasue he refuses to release the pain that he holds with a vice grip. He needs to come to terms with the fact that he can’t go back in time and get a new life. His mother can’t go back and NOT send him away. He needs in-patient psychiatric care in a supervised detox facility. He may need to live the rest of his life in a facility like that. He is jealous of his son’s relationship with Tashera because its the relationship he longed for with his mother. He is disrespectful and arrogant and screams mental illness. He refuses help and un til he’s truly willing to change that and really do the work, he will get nowhere. He will end up like Jimmy Eary in Dreamgirls. Dead, alone and not found for days.

  5. I would just like to say without passing judgement I truly hope he gets the help he needs. Not only for his children, but for himself. I believe most of his issues stimulate from childhood. I watched a clip of his ex-wife and when he reunited with his mother. It’s clearly obvious that it had a huge impact on him. One thing I did notice is alot of hurt and pain within Dmx. One of things when people are not quite ready to change is defensiveness which I saw a lot of that from him. When a person is ready to change they can handle the truth. Of coarse anyone can change, and there is always hope. I hope he can fight his demons before it’s too late. This should be an eye opener for parents and what we do and the decisions we make have an impact on our children. Being a parent is more than being a sperm or egg donar.

  6. I don’t believe DMX/Earl will be “cured” after one intervention by Iyanla. He refuses to accept Xavier’s stipulations of being clean in order to be in his life. He’s simply not ready to give up weed and alcohol.

    I understand Xavier’s wishes. Any psychological or emotional issues DMX/Earl has is heightened by weed, cocaine, crack and alcohol. He needs to become alcohol and drug free in order to be able to become a healthier individual for himself. Then Earl can pursue repairing his relationships with his children, family, friends and even his ex-wife, Tashera. Sadly, he has a long road ahead of him.

  7. I honestly believe that DMX loves his son, but he’s an addict plain and simple. If loving someone was enough for addicts to stop getting high, no one would be an addict anymore. DMX has to learn to love himself before he will ever get clean. I dont know what happened between him and his mother, but ot has done some major damage to him and how he feels about himself. What struck me the most about this interview is when he said “No matter how tough a man is, he always needs to be somebody’s baby”, if your not shown love by the very people who bring you into this world, its very hard to love yourself. I pray for DMX!

  8. DMX is a mess. Xavier seems like a level headed young man. He’s better off & I don’t say that often. I have lost all respect for DMX.

  9. DMX did not try hard enough to make amends with Xavier. Ultimately, he chose drugs over his own son and that is a shame.

  10. This was set up to begin with! She never gave DMX a chance to express himself without butting in. The realest moment was when he told his son he did the best with what he had and with his best interpretation of a father. Like he said he didn’t have one friend who had a dad. And let’s not forget Earl Simmons had a drug habit way before he had money & started having children. This is a man who has his own issues stemming from childhood that he has never gotten over. I don’t think this show did any good for Xavier or Earl Simmons.

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