Teen star Cymphonique Miller(dad is Master P) continues to be a successful singer and actress on her way to the top. Although her Nickelodeon show “How To Rock” came to an end in December of last year, that didn’t seem to slow her down. Her new album Passion will be out in June, she continues to work on her t-shirt line BYOU and she is currently working on a new film. Cymphonique took time out of her busy schedule to talk with the folks at Audrey Magazine about her new film, upcoming projects and more. Check out the highlights below.

    On her new film:

    I’m going to be working on an action flick. I am very excited. I’ve been kickboxing since I was 8, and to kickbox and act [at the same time] in a movie is very exciting. I admire action stars like Halle Berry or Lucy Liu, and I hope to follow in their footsteps.

    On people she’d like to work with in the future:

    I’d like to do a song with Mariah Carey. I think that would be really cool. I would love to collaborate with someone that I can play the guitar with. It’d also be really cool to do a song with Taylor Swift.

    On her influence on young girls:

    I do feel that girls have been influenced by the show, but I don’t see myself as a role model or someone to look up to. I try to be me and encourage girls to be the best them. I have a girls’ self-esteem line called BYOU (Be Your Own You), with shirts that have positive messages, and I think girls should do the best they can to be themselves.

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