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Eva lets her coolness shine as she poses for the camera. The little one is styling with her pink and orange sunglasses matched with a multicolored shirt that goes well with her beaded necklace. Eva is the epitome of mom Mimi Faust, who lets her personality shine through as a Reality TV star.

Mimi recently joined single parents throughout the Atlanta area at the S.P.A.A.G. fundraising event. Designed to give support to single moms and dads, S.P.A.A.G. gives parents to tools needed to achieve their dreams while rearing their kids in the right direction. Parents receive training through workshops and scholarships to further their education via the S.P.A.A.G program. Mimi was joined by several of her celebrity friends in the area including Bob Whitfield and Frank Ski at the fundraising event.

Eva is Mimi and music producer Stevie J’s sweetheart.




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  1. That is one pretty little girl..Mi-Mi and Stevie did a great job making this little one!!! I cant wait til the new season of Love n Hip Hop Atlanta to start this monday!! It wil be soo juicy!!!

  2. Eva is so pretty!!! It’s funny in the pic where she is holding her face she looks just like her mom but the one where she is wearing the hat she looks like her dad.

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