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Tisha Campbell-Martin has taken her fight for autistic awareness to the publishing sector in penning a children’s book about the disorder. Tisha was so excited about her first endeavor in the publishing sector that she gave a small description to her blog fans.

“I’m sooooo excited… My first children’s book is now available on Amazon.com It is called ‘My Brother Doesn’t Want to Play’ and it’s about Autism from a siblings perspective… Remember 10% of the proceeds go to my foundation on Autism Awareness… Love you guys,” wrote Tisha.

As the mother of two kids, one of whom was diagnosed with autism several years ago, Tisha knows what it’s like to explain to a child why his or her sibling gets more attention from mom and dad. Campbell-Martin brings that knowledge to the forefront in her ‘My Brother Doesn’t Want to Play,’ which stars a boy who is coping with the reality of his older brother receiving more attention than him. Although envious at first, the little one learns to be supportive of his elder sibling, who is autistic, after getting a few lessons from mom.

Tisha’s eldest son, Xen, was diagnosed with autism at 18-months-old. His younger brother, Ezekiel, was born on September 8, 2009.

Buy the book on Amazon.com.

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  2. A family has to have a lot of faith to have a second child after a ASD diagnosis. I can see why Campbell-Martin waited so long to have second child.

    I read an article where she was speaking about the joy of breastfeeding her second son and bonding with him in that way. I didn’t know that babies with ASD didn’t like/want to breastfeed. Is that true of all babies with ASD or just some? If anyone can answer that question I would like to know.

    I saw the documentary she was in called “Colored My Mind”. It was about mothers of color detailing their experiences with having children with ASD and how they were received by their families and communities. I would recommend seeing this documentary even if you do not know anyone with ASD. It’s an eye opener.

    D.L. Hughley’s wife Ladonna is in it. Didn’t know they had a child with ASD. Probably many of us know a family who has a child with ASD but we didn’t KNOW they had a child with ASD. This documentary raises awareness. I wish that anyone who can see it does and recommends it to their their families and friends.

    April is Autism Awareness month, we all need to do our part in raising awareness of a disease that is attacking the Black community in record numbers. It could be our families that are affected next. You never know.

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