Jermaine Jackson, a.k.a. Jermaine Jacksun, may be getting on the law’s bad side as he allegedly owes more than $30,000 in unpaid child support. TMZ reports,

“Jermaine Jackson is downright refusing to pay his child support bills — so says his baby mama Alejandra Jackson, who’s accusing him of falling behind on payments yet again … this time to the tune of $30,000. L.A.’s Child Support Services Department has filed legal docs asking a judge to hold Jermaine in contempt for failing to meet his child support obligation for April 2012 through April 2013.”

Jacksun was ordered by a judge to pay Alejandra $3,000 a month in support for sons Jaafar,16, and Jermajesty,12. Jermaine paid a total of $5,621 last year, leaving him with an unpaid balance of $30,378. Child Support Services claims that the singer is guilty of 12 counts of contempt, and is hoping for a 60-day jail sentence if Jacksun does not pay up by August 2013.

Alejandra and Jermaine parent three children in all. The singer fathers eight kids in total. Jacksun has yet to respond to allegations of unpaid child support.




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  1. Does he pay the same amount for all his kids? Is he up to date on C.S payments for the other 6? Is he just refusing Alejandra or all the baby mama’s? Or are the other kids past the C.S age range? I got so many questions lol

    I’m sorry, i can’t take a woman serious who will knowingly have kids w/ brother’s. Says something about her character lol

    Boys are handsome, Jermaine be a positive role model for your boys.

  2. He will probably gladly go to jail for 60 days to cover that back pay. I’d go to cover my law school debt! At least he still has a relationship with the kiddies.

  3. Whoever Donte’s dad is, he was raised by Alejandra and Jermaine, which means Jermaine is responsible for paying for him.

    • Not true — go online and google Alejandra and Jermaine’s divorce. Come to find out they were NEVER legally married — she was married to someone else at the time she married Jermaine. As for Donte — as I said, go online and look up the legal documents. Jermaine nor Alejandra were ever responsible for Donte. Joe and Katherine were listed as his LEGAL GUARDIANS.

  4. If you can’t feed your baby then dont have a baby!!!!!! Anyone know where Alejandra goldigga lives now that Katherine booted her out of the old compound?

  5. Isn’t Jermaine and Tito co-babydaddies? They don’t split child support payments? I’m not sure how that freaky stuff works!

    • It’s Randy and Jermaine who share biological daddy duties with Alejandra. Randy’s kids with Alejandra are Genevieve and Randy Jr. — both whom are now adults — and NO Donte Williams Jackson is NOT Randy Jr’s twin — Donte is allegedly Joe or Michael’s biological son — take your pick. As for Jermaine and Alejandra’s children that would be Jaafar and Jermajesty — 2 kids, not 3 as BCK has stated.

  6. LOL@Jacksun…lol ok so he got time for a bunch of name changing but can’t get a job to pay his child support..ok got it but sad.

  7. When I first came to BCK, this was one of the headlines. Several years later, same headline. The definition of insanity is doing the same identical action over and over again and expecting a different result. Shouldn’t have had those kids if he couldn’t support them.

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