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  1. Dear Beyonce
    Don’t forget the swimming pool! They have a nice selection at Toys R Us. I would like to suggest the Intex pool. Don’t forget the bubbles and sprinklers for Blue Ivy. Have Fun!

    Teresa Elaine McIntire

  2. First of all who is to say the baby’s hair was combed and she being a baby messed up. How do we know they weren’t on the way to the airport or something and didn’t expect people to be snapping pics so felt their wasn’t a need to get her all dressed up. People take one look at a picture and assume they know what’s going on and why things look they way do. My child is three and five minutes after me combing my child’s hair you can’t tell it was ever touched. Point being kids could care less about how they look when they go out nor do they understand that society will look at them as not being cared for because their hair isn’t perfect. I’m pretty sure if her hair was in a ponytail it would be something said about that. Babies aren’t going to have perfect hair especially when their active

  3. Blue Ivy is looking at the camera like look I told my mom to do my hair,before I left the house I knew you all was coming with the cameras but she didn’t want to listen so leave me alone I am still cute …… I love it!

  4. Her hair is fine! What y’all want her to come out the house with her hair like Beyonce’?
    She is just a baby.

  5. I love Blue’s hair. Can’t stand to see parents pinching ponytails in barely there hair. Let your babies hair grow without all the fuss.

  6. Nothing wrong with BIC’s hair; she is a one year old baby, at least she has hair, some of us at her age had none.

    First thing that Kim and Kanye has done (together) that I consider to be a positive. Hope its not a one time thing.

    I’m not sure if colorblind is the appropriate term for how Eve would like to raise her future children. Kids raised so called colorblind sometimes have a dissociation or disconnect with their racial past. If Eve has children with her current boyfriend they will be culturally both American and UK (British) Black and racially Black American and UK White. How is the colorblind going to work? Not hating, I’m just curious.

    I’m happy that Nahla is going to have a sibling, hope everything goes well for bebe and mum.

  7. I thought only an ignorant, non-black person would criticize Blue’s hair. Sadly enough our own people are throwing the most shade. Blue’s hair is healthy and natural. Deal with it.

    Eve wants to raise colorblind kids?…Good luck with that (society is real).

    Hopefully Halle has a healthy pregnancy. Gall stones is a scary sign, but she’ll be okay

    • Do you remember the whole Gabrielle Douglas hair drama? Black Twitter created the drama about her hair. We are the first to put our own people down, whether no one wants to admit it or not. I see it all the time!

  8. People can be so idiotic. This is a baby. Her hair is just fine. I for one don’t like to see our baby girls with TOO TIGHT ponytails (eyes looking all slanted) and heads decorated like a Christmas Tree with 1000 and 1 multi colored bows.
    About how they dress her….little girls don’t always have to be in pink frilly dresses. She’s just as cute rockin her T-shirt,jeans and Timbos.


  10. Do black people expect this baby to have tons and tons of colorful ponytail holders and struggle braids on her hair. I think this is how a baby hair should be, a little moisturizer wouldn’t hurt though. She’s still a cutie though….

  11. When I was Blue Ivy’s age my mother kept my hair the same way. I came out just fine. I can style my hair better than most salon technicians but I’m a grown woman now. Back then it didn’t matter.

  12. @da raw truth, Blue Ivy hair is way too short to be styled, and doing so could cause tension alopecia. What if Beyonce made the ultimate decision to leave her baby hair alone and let it grow so that it can fit into ponytails without straining, she would be doing what’s best for her baby by ensuring her hair is healthy. Having your hair styled at all time (even if it could cause breakage) is for image purposes only. parent who puts their baby hair in tight ponytails just so society can accept them are the ones that need the reality check, because not only are you putting your child at risk for hair issues, you are also teaching them to live by society standards when they should be living by their own. I’m sorry to say this but most african american children suffer from breakage due to the “I have to have my hair done at all times” tradition, I’m am glad we are starting to learn how to take better care of our hair.

    • Styling her hair will NOT harm it, in fact it might help the growing process. She has more then enough hair for a ponytails. Or someone could put a headband or & bow in her hair. I have 2 daughters who had hair just like Blue’s when at her age & I styled it everyday or they wore a headband or a bow. They both now at age 5 & 7 have very healthy hair that touch the middle of their backs… But none the less Blue is a gorgeous little girl.

  13. This is so stupid and immature! When she was a newborn with straight hair, people swore she wasn’t Bey’s baby and said she was mexican! Now that her hair is kinky as the criticizers thought it should be, they’re attacking her for that! People need to get a life and look at themselves before judging a little girl who has done nothing wrong! Let her live gosh!

  14. I think its far fetched to say people are attacking the baby. Folks are not attacking the baby because she (in all of her adorableness) cannot care for herself. She is at the mercy of her caregivers. While I am certain that Bey and Jay love her with the love of the Lord, they (worldwide superstars) need to do better with taking care of her grooming when they bring her out. Right or wrong, its a huge part of our culture to do our hair and make sure our childrens hair is done and presentable with bows, barettes, braids, locs, a neat fro, etc… We NEVER let our kids nor our hair to just go wild without strategically planning braid and twist outs. And, it wouldnt have been so pressing had it been someone who practices a lifestyle where they themselves have wild hair and a relaxed vibe. But, its especially disappointing for Beyonce, with a million dollar wig collection, being a person who take great strains to make her image perfect does not take the time or care to do the same for her daughter. So, it goes beyond a simple critique of the baby’s hair. Its about narcissistic parents who are too busy conning the public out of their money with carefully crafted images and gimmicks, and yet they let their kid (a beautiful little girl no less) go out looking unkempt. Its not the biggest or the worst crime in the world but it speaks volumes on where their time, energy and money goes. I hope Bey and Jay step up their game as they gain more experience as parents and let the money they showoff on themselves show on their daughter as well. Whats the point in gaining the whole world and… *Church folks know the rest.*

    • It’s just hair, on a one year old. Bey doesnt need to do as much for Blue’s hair right now as she does for her own. Little white girls can walk around with their hair down, but when a little black girl does it there’s a problem. Bey is showing that she accepts her baby’s hair for what it is. And putting little beads and braids in it wont make her any more beautiful.

  15. BCK! This should have been a caption this :) I think the uproar is uncalled for, but really it’s just the internet. It’s not like any of this is relevant to Blue lol As far as Bey and Jay not showing their child, they only do it for publicity purposes, not because they are “concerned” about Blue.

  16. U know I’m so not a fan of Beyonce, but please leave this woman and her baby alone! I enjoy seeing Blue, I think she’s a cutie! Her hair looks just like any other busy toddler! I wouldn’t give people the satisfaction of hiding my baby, I would show her off proudly! People have entirely to much time on their hands to criticise an innocent baby!!!

    • Agreed. There is absolutely no reason for hiding your child unless you’re ashamed of it or you’re hiding something. You better believe if i was famous I wouldn’t give a damn what anybody thought about my baby.

      • Six people thumbed my down because they thought I agreed with University chick when I agreed with Misunderstood. LMBO. I see comprehension skills are as limited as common sense.

        Anywho, University chick, now that you’ve seen BIC, which reason do you think it is that they were hiding her, ashamed or something being wrong with her? I think Ms BIC is perfectly fine just the way she is. (Now her parents, eh).

        • Publicity. It confirmed my suspicions when Bey leaked a pic of Blue the same day her “documentary” premiered. All publicity.

          • Can’t argue with you, I have my own thoughts about Beyonce. But baby Blue Ivy, she’s as adorable as she wanna be & children are off limits.

  17. When people start attacking a baby because his/her hair isn’t done….something is really wrong with them. Now I understand why a lot of celebrities don’t like having their kids picture taken. There’s just too many ignorant fools around , who have nothing better to do than make fun at other people’s children. Blue Ivy hair is just fine.Have you ever seen a toddler with a perm and no edges on her hair?…well I have , and it’s NOT a pretty sight.

  18. Blue looks just like Sean Carter in that picture! See why Bey hid the precious baby for as long as she could? People love to attack Beyonce so I knew they’d go after Blue too.

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