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Selah hung with mom, Lauryn Hill, at a wedding this past weekend. The teen and her mom looked gorgeous as they stepped out to attend a family friend’s special day. Selah was especially stunning as she wore a tan dress that went well with her overcoat.

This past Saturday, Lauryn released a snippet of her new single, ‘Neurotic Society (Compulsory Mix),’ for Tumblr fans to enjoy. Although she’s not usually one to release her artistry via social media, Lauryn said that legalities forced her to present the track early. “Here is a link to a piece that I was ‘required’ to release immediately, by virtue of the impending legal deadline. I love being able to reach people directly, but in an ideal scenario, I would not have to rush the release of new music… but the message is still there,” explained the singer. Selah was sure to promote her mom’s new music tweeting, “New single from my mommy. Everyone needs to go listen & buy!! it has a very powerful message.”

Hill has five kids with Rohan Marley. Selah is the couple’s eldest daughter. Lauryn has six kids in all.

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  1. Lauryn still reigns supreme in my book! Praying the judge will have a change of heart. A mother of five, spending three months away from her children, is cruel. Particularly, since she paid off the majority of her debt.

    And where on Earth is Rohan?

  2. they are both so stylish and beautiful! I’m praying for Lauryn and her family, that there will be much better days ahead.

    • Maybe her mum (I don’t know if she has one) can help her out with the baby. The other five’s dad or even their big sister (she is 19; an adult) can take care of them. While three months will be over in a blink; why is she going to jail?

      • Oxford, she’s going to jail for failure to file taxes from 2007-209, she owed $1 million, I believe. She paid it, however, the judge wasn’t satisfied and/or wanted to make an example out of her & still sentenced her to 3 months in federal jail & 3 months home confinement upon her release. I’m sure the children’s father will be around, as well as their nannies & Lauren’s family & friends. My cousin lives down the street from her family & they are very close. If she goes in June, she’ll miss the kids entire summer vacation. However if she waits till Sept, she’ll miss Thanksgiving. Deciding when to serve the time is the most sucking part.

        • She didn’t pay her taxes? Well that’s well…not smart (I don’t think BCK will allow me to call her st*pid). For all the crap Al Capone did, the government got him on tax evasion…not the other stuff.

      • She didn’t pay taxes for numerous years…the kids have fathers. I’m sure Rohan can stay w/ his 5 kids, & i’m guessing the other father can take care of his baby lol

  3. Selah is so pretty like her mom, and got that bright Marley smile.
    Keep going Lauryn you will always have my support.

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