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It seems like just yesterday that Zonnique Pullins was celebrating her 16th birthday with family and friends. Well, yesterday must be gone because the teen star recently went to prom with Rodney Hill Sr.’s son.

Zonnique looked beautiful in her gold dress that went well with her blue hair. Pullins showed off her personality as the camera snapped her and Rodney ” Rocko Da Don” Hill’s eldest son, Ramone Malik Hill, heading out to the dance. The teen and her date managed to make a dry transition from house to car despite the rain with the help of an umbrella and the driver. Tiny was every bit of excited for her eldest daughter on her special night as she tweeted, “My 1st to the prom! Man she makes me so proud to say that’s my Baby!!! Y’all look real classy hope u enjoyed it!”

Zonnique was asked to prom by Ramone. The OMG Girlz! star is the only child between Tiny and Zonnie Pullins. Tiny parents six children with husband T.I.

  • Ramone with brothers Rodney Jr and Romelo Hill
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  1. She has big boobs no way around that LOL. The pics look a lil awkward on Z’s part looks like TI said don’t stand behind her partner! LOL Beautiful she looks beautiful.

  2. They look nice, but 16 and “the girls” are out that much!!?? On another note, ooh I’m tellin T.I., y’all got shoes on in the white room! lol

  3. They look so good together! I thought that was Justin Combs at first…. If I was a teen girl I’d definitely want Justin as my date! Lol. But Ramone is cute too. I like her dress but think there’s too much “boobage” going on!

  4. They look so cute! Love her dress…& you’ll be surprised at how tamed her dress is compared to other girls dresses. Girls are wearing high slits, cut out backs & sides, v-cuts to the belly button lol

  5. I seen the picture on T.I. facebook page and he stated she was showing too much on top. Cute prom dress and like the blue hair.

  6. Awww..my son attending a prom as someone’s date this weekend. I can imagine how Tiny felt. Zonnique looks lovely but she needed to cover her girls a bit more, too much showing. There goes that see my dimples smile. Everyone I know with dimples does it.
    Wait, Monica married the man who had a child with Tiny? Eewwww.

    • Wait, Monica married the man who had a child with Tiny? Eewwww.

      No, I don’t think it said that. Zonnique’s date is Rocko’s (Monica’s ex) son. Zonnique’s dad is someone else. Monica is now married to Shannon Brown who I don’t think ever had a relationship with Tiny.

        • They played house, had a reality show but never got married. The split seemed amicable, they had nothing bad to say about each other afterwards. Wish more couples would think about their kids and leave the negativity for the therapists couch. After the split Monica stayed in Ramone’s life. Got to love her for that.

      • I’m sure T.I saw the dress before hand. Not like she brought it that morning lol. But knowing Tiny, she probably fought for that dress just like she fought for her sweet 16 dress lol

  7. She is such a beauty, but it bothers me to no end that she always has her head to one side when she takes photos. Like “catch my good side” type of way. Let me see that beautiful face girl!

  8. Awe her date was Ramone Malik Hill (Rodney and Romelo’s older brother) how sweet!

    They both look wonderful, awe!

  9. Her date (Rocko Jr.) looks a lot like Justin Combs to me. Something about their features and posture is very similar.

  10. Miss Z is gorgeous here and the dress is lovely. Call me old-fashioned though but she needs a pin to cover her two loves on top. Nothing wrong with a little modest glam. LOL

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