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Rachel Roy and daughter Tallulah supported underprivileged kids at the 2013 Baby Buggy Bedtime Bash on Wednesday (June 5). The designer and her daughter looked stunning as they enjoyed the festivities of the event, while lending a helping hand to families in need. Rachel Roy is one celeb who is not ashamed to support non-profit organizations as she often advocates for establishments that protect women’s rights.

The designer recently told media that she strives to be the best she can be for her daughters. “I work on this everyday,” said Rachel. “I consciously fill myself up with positive energy and make sure I feel 100% so I can give my children 100% at all times.”

Rachel and ex-husband Damon Dash have two kids, Tallulah and Ava, together.


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  1. I never realized how much Rachel Roy looks like the Bollywood actress Kajol. Not exactly alike but I do see a resemblance.

    Tallulah does have pretty eyes. I think Ethiopians and East Indians have some of the prettiest eyes, esp Ethiopians. Of course I’ve seen people from every ethnicity who have stunning eyes and ppl from those two ethnicity whose eyes aren’t so stunning, but as a whole, they tend to have stunning eyes. I think it’s because the light eyes against the brown skin just stands out more. Anywho, beautiful mom and daughter.

    • Wow. Another ignorant remark made in the 21th century. Eye are all stunning if they work and healthy. Get your life!

      • Seriously?1? Eyes are stunning if they work and are healthy? Was that suppose to be deep? LOL! I’m so flattered that you took the time to respond to me. Let me pay you a MAJOR compliment and give you a moment of my time.

        The irony is that there is more ignorance in your comment than in mine because evidently you don’t even understand the meaning of the word. What I said was in no way “ignorant”. It was however, an opinion. My opinion. And if you do not agree with it, that’s fine. It’s not my intention to put down anyone or make anyone feel inadequate. I love the diversity and beauty in every culture, especially my own. But I can appreciate the differences and compliment other people and/or ethnicities. I’ll reiterate, what I said was my opinion. That’s why “I think” was sprinkled all through my comment. You in no way have to share it. Now back to “getting my life”.

        • Dont worry Shi, lots of trolls on this site who clearly cant read, trying to get a rise out of any & everyone. Your comment was inclusive & beautifully said, not ignorant. As i like to say, dont feed the trolls.

      • I totally understand your comment about the eyes. Have you ever seen these people run in to salivate over “stunning” dark-brown eyes? Do they comment on beautiful short,”coily” hair? Whether we admit it, our people tend to love the features that are non-Black the most. They will tell you how Black people have light eyes and Black people have blond hair or waist-length hair when in actuality, 1 percent of the population might. I find beauty in all races, too, but there is no physical beauty greater than pure African gorgeousness. And when it’s all said and done, physical beauty really isn’t all that serious. It is about internal beauty. I’m outta here. Don’t quit preaching.

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