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Kevin Hart may be a man of many jokes but he’s serious when it comes to his kids. The actor and stand-up comedian recently told Annex Man that his makes Heaven and Hendrix his priority by not allowing the industry to dictate the amount of time spent with his kids.

“I have to be uncompromising when it comes to my kids time with me,” said Hart. “I have to be committed to my kids or else the industry will always have you away from your family.”

Hart also talked about reaching the precipice, or height, of success and the possibility of abandoning stand-up for film. “First of all, I don’t know what ‘precipice’ means so I can only take it as a sigh of disrespect. NEXT QUESTION,” joked the comedian. “Seriously I will never stop doing stand up it’s my foundation.”

Check out Hart in all of his fashion glory on the cover of Annex Man’s Summer issue. Kevin and ex-wife Torrei Hart have two kids together.

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  2. I’m still hoping Kevin and Torrie get back together… I probably shouldn’t hold my breath. He could at least help a sista get in a movie!

    • Hahah they are the only ex-couple I would like to see work things out!!! Im more of a Torrei fan than a Kevin fan but I wish them both the best!! Theyve got some beautiful kiddos!

  3. I don’t particularly care for Kevin Hart, but the love he has for his babies makes me smile. Heaven and Hendrix r some beautiful chocolate kids! I love me some chocolate babies/kids, because I’m chocolate.

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