Bryce(R) and Kaden(L) are social media cuties as parents  Tomiko Fraser-Hines and Chris Hines share a picture of  their sweets with Twitter fans. “I said that I didn’t want to be one of those mothers who always post pics of her children. But they’re so dang cute,” tweets Fraser-Hines of her sons.

Model Tomiko recently sat down with Katie Couric to talk about her diagnosis of Premature Ovarian Failure, a condition that causes women to enter menopause early, which nearly halted her dream of having kids. “[The diagnosis was] completely, completely shocking,” said Tomiko. “I have always wanted to have children. [I] got married late in life and was ready to go. After several failed attempts, I got tested.”

Fraser-Hines ultimately sought the assistance of an anonymous egg donor in having her sons. Her advice to women facing facing Premature Ovarian Failure is simple: “Be okay with your dream being altered. [You’re] not losing sight of your dream but [you’re also] not necessarily having it just be the way you think it should be. Do your research, get great people around you to support you, and just be patient and know that you will be a parent one way or another…We need more African American egg donors.”

Chris, stage manager for the Ellen Degeneres show, and Tomiko married in 2006.

WATCH: Tomiko Fraser-Hines Appears on the Katie Couric Show.

See lots of pictures of the cuties below!

Photos: Instagram/ Guyviauphotography

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  1. Egg donors go through the same procedures as all women undergoing IVF with their own eggs. The risks are exactly the same. There is NO epidemic of cancer in these women.

  2. I think they are both just adorable but its something about Bryce that screams gorgeous too me especially in that first pict his wittle wips are so cute

  3. I considered being an egg donor back in college (2000). At that time, egg donation centers were paying about $8,000 – $10,000 to college-educated African-American egg donors. There are fewer donors so they pay more.
    I got spooked by the process, but if you are willing to do it, you could be a blessing for someone.

    • Egg donation does pay well but you also have to be aware of the risks. The reason why it pays so well is because taking the drugs they give you could reduce the chance of your own fertility, there’s also an increased risk of contracting certain cancers. So the money may not be worth it when you look at the big picture.

  4. God bless this family! I wish them the absolute best! Their boys r cuties and her husband has been right there AWESOME!

    • Yeah, she didn’t have the twins til 44 with early menopause too, so the use of an egg donor wouldn’t be atypical. Cuties tho – I’m assuming they are fraternal since I see a slight difference in them cheeks! lol

    • Yes it is. Before I read her story I made a comment to myself that the babies didn’t look like the mom, but now i know why. It’s a really brave and beautiful thing to donate your eggs to other woman who are not that fortunate to have their own. Great for Tomiko to have had a chance to experience pregnancy through this way. I believe it also helps the bond you feel as a mother. Cause you did carry and birth them yourself, only their DNA is not yours. Applaus for Tomiko to have shared this, a lot of woman would have perhaps kept quiet.

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