Blue Ivy Carter,1,  was seen out with her nanny in New York City yesterday (6/19/13). Earlier on during the day, the tot was accompanied by her mom Beyonce.

Bey and Jay recently celebrated 10 years of their 40/40 club’s existence with family and friends, where it was said that the singer passed around her phone to show off pics of Blue Ivy to attendees. Us Weekly reports,

“At some point in the night, Australian pop star Kylie Minogue popped by the couple’s table and took a spot next to Beyonce. The two were spotted laughing and talking throughout the evening, even bopping in their seats to the music. Later, Fabolous, Maxwell, and T.I. joined the group, and Beyonce was seen proudly passing around her phone to show off an adorable picture of daughter Blue Ivy.”

It appears that Queen Bey is just like the average parent when it comes to bragging on and showing off pictures of her kid. Although the Pop star hasn’t shared any new pics with the public, her daughter was recently spotted out and about in New York City with the nanny. Blue, of course, was the adorable one and the nanny was the protective one who held her close as they trailed through the city.

Blue Ivy is Beyonce and Jay-Z’s first child together. The couple wed over five years ago.


Beyonce with Blue earlier on that afternoon.

Photos: Splashnews/Instagram

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  1. Actually, Blue looks a lot like Beyonce around the eyes/eyebrow/forehead area…

    The lips are Jay. She’s a good combo, pretty girl.

  2. Dear Beyonce

    Blue Ivy looks abolutely adorable .

    Teresa Elaine McIntire

    • Dear Beyonce
      Blue Ivy looks absolutely adorable! I spelled absolutely incorrectly.

      Teresa Elane McIntire

  3. Beyonce definitely needs to work on holding little Blue Belle (lol) better. Blue is too big for that awkward position, and if hiding her face is the goal, just give up. It’s not a good look for the baby to look more comfortable with the nanny than her own mother.

  4. blue’s lookin like “yall betta get out my face, just cause my mom let yall see my face doesn’t mean you needa be all up in it” lol

    • Blus is such a ray of sunshine. Who cares how Beyonce carries her own child. Do we really think this megaceleb is walking that far where it will ever become an issue?

    • How cool…My name is Jameka too and I have a 17 month old 😀
      By the way Blue is looking more n more like Jay Z without the lips

  5. She is not trying to smile for anything and is just too cute with her those long legs! Love her little sandals as well. I also like that her dress is from Target. Everybody loves that store. Lol

  6. i wish i had Blue’s eye brows :O they are beautiful. Shes such a cute child. I CAN’T WAIT to see how she looks/ acts when shes a teenager. lol

  7. She’s too cute with those big doe eyes and fat cheeks. I love the color of her dress too. It’s always nice to see Blue :)

  8. Aww!!! How cute… Her facial expression are so serious lol like “what you say about my momma?” lmao she is wearing some ppl out somewhere!

  9. Blue is about to pop off on a paparazzi. Loving the mean mug. She is so adorable.

    Beyonce is going to get enough of carrying BlueIvy like that just to hide BlueIvy’s face. One misstep & BlueIvy will land on the ground, hard. The safest place for a toddler is on your hip, so you can make a dash for it when the paparazzi pull up.

    • Sherley, you know toddlers are always all over the place, lol. My toddler gets held all kind of ways b/c she will never stay on my hip. I always joke and tell her people are going to call CPS on me.

      • I know that, but it’s not intentional on your part. It seems Beyonce is trying so hard to hide her face, it makes BlueIvy wiggle more. She appears more secure in the arms of the nanny. I’m thinking it’s because she’s not being restricted, that’s my point.

  10. I cant believe how big she got already! her sandals are cute! Now people can be quiet about her “dressing like a boy” and let the child BE!

  11. Blue Ivy looks like she’s ready to fight! lmao! you can tell she is a handful! Beyonce has her work cut out for her! She’s so cute! She looks like both of them! The top half of her face is Beyonce, the bottom half is Jay Z! She’s a good mix! So cute! I just love her! I bet the only one who can handle her is Solange lmao

  12. Blue got that fist balled up & ready! Looking like “why yall in my face” ahaha.

    She’s so cute. Love her dress & sandals.

      • Lol i think she holds her like that to keep her face from the paps. Idk, but it always look like if Blue wiggles just a little she’ll be able to jump free. The Nanny got a better hold of her.

        • It makes me wonder if Beyonce started out with a strong hold & BlueIvy wiggles so much, this is the result we see. Then again, Beyonce is a new mom & the nannies probably have more experience at handling babies. IDK. *shrug*

          • Gotta agree, the hold Bey does so often is probably a tactic to shield Blue from paparazzi. Since it looks like such an uncomfortable and nonfunctional hold, I assume she does it with the intention of getting from one place to another quickly.

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