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Are congratulations in order for Dwight Howard and girlfriend Christine Vest on welcoming a baby boy into the world?  Maybe so, maybe no. Dwight’s ex-girlfriend, Royce Reed, recently congratulated him on his girlfriend giving birth earlier this month tweeting, “Congratulations to Dwight & Christine on the birth of their baby boy.” Royce also shared a picture of her son and his sisters with social media fans telling them, “there’s no drama between us! #SiblingLove!”

Stiletto Jill is one of several media sources to take Reed’s congratulatory remarks to Dwight in stride telling readers,

“We know Dwight Howard is a dad. The exact number of children is up in the air and up for speculation depending on who you ask. What I can tell you is that it appears he has at least 4 children. His oldest son Braylon with ex-Basketball Wives cast member Royce Reed plus, two daughters by two different women. And per Royce, you can add a baby brother to the fold. Royce congratulated Dwight and his girlfriend, Christine Vest on the birth of their son.”

Howard has neither confirmed nor denied his girlfriend’s and birth. The NBA star’s son, Braylon, is pictured above in red wear, while Dwight’s  daughter, Jayde, is featured in yellow. Howard and Tiffany Redner’s daughter, Layla, is pictured to the far right of Braylon and Jayde in a cute skirt.


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  1. Messy messy messy Dwight. Other guys might be able to sleep around and get away with it, but not you because you know better. Hopefully these baby mamas don’t give him havoc and hopefully he doesn’t pull another Terrell Owens ending up on Dr. Phil

  2. Dwight needs a kick to his face! He has 6 kids by 6 different women that’s crazy! I’m not just blaming him, because these women allows this nonsense! Anywho congrats on the new baby,babies r a blessing no matter who their parents r!

    • Huh?!?! Did you say 6 children by 6 women? What is he in a race with Dwayne Carter? Ewwww times 5. And what is wrong with baby mama #3-6? Did they believe he would actually be there for them when he isn’t there for the others before them or did the $ signs blind them? Ugh!

      • I’ve seen many pictures of him with Braylon, even at games. He’s gone to court over Braylon. So I never thought he’d have any hush-hush kids.

        • Who knows why people do what they do. Maybe because that was his first boy. You know men when it comes to sons…I never expected this from him though

        • Really? I haven’t seen any recent pictures of him & Braylon & Royce stay throwing shade at him about that so I thought he stayed away from Braylon like he does the others. Maybe it’s cuz Braylon is his first.

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