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Sometimes as parents, we can feel like we are just making it through the day. It can be hard to recognize times when we are actually doing a really good job. It can also be nice to know that we are not alone in our struggles. Here are 10 things that all parents should hear at some point:

1. You’re doing better than you think- Being responsible for another person is hard work. Even when you think you’re a terrible parent, you are probably just the opposite.

2. You are not alone- There are millions of parents that are having some of the same struggles that you are having.

3. You’re not the first- Although you may feel like no one could possibly be going through what you are going through, there’s probably someone in your exact situation.

4. It’s ok to forgive yourself- You’ll have low moments throughout your parenting career and that’s ok. Let it go, promise to do better and move on.

5. Kids are messy and gross- You may have started with a weak stomach, but you’ll soon realize that there’s no room for it when dealing with kids.

6. One or eight, any number of kids is a lot- Even if you are a parent of an only child and your friend has 5 kids, it’s still hard work to raise them.

7. Laugh through the chaos- Sure, your toddler threw her peas on the floor that you just cleaned, but she sure does look cute with green in her hair and all over her face.

8. You’ll be proud more than ashamed- There might be moments of embarrassment when they throw a tantrum at the grocery store, but that feeling won’t compare to the feeling you’ll get when they bring home a special drawing or a test with a good grade.

9. You will wonder why you had kids- In the midst of asking that question, small hands will grab you by the neck and your child will whisper “I love you” in your ear.

10. Parenting may bring out your worse- It will also bring out your best.

What are some things that you’ve heard or would like to hear as a parent? 

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