The Miami ‘Heat’ is well on its way to success and the players have their kids to thank. Chris Bosh and LeBron James recently reflected on the influence that their children had in them winning the team’s third NBA championship.

“Kids are the best medicine because they don’t care anything about the game,” said Bosh. “They don’t even know what Game 7 means. Of course they know Daddy wants to win and they want Daddy to win and that’s good enough. But all they want to do is have fun, smile and play.”

Miami Heat players celebrate with kids

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Miami Heat players celebrate winning the 2013 NBA Finals with their kids.

LeBron also commented on the importance of his kids during playoff season saying, “They know if I won or lost. But for the most part, when you have them around, man, it puts everything in perspective.”

The Miami ‘Heat’ took on the San Antonio ‘Spurs’ in game seven of the NBA playoffs on Thursday (June 20), and came out on top with a score of 95-88. This is the second consecutive year that the team has captured an NBA championship.

Chris Bosh has a son, Jackson, and daughter, Trinity, while LeBron James fathers two sons, LeBron Jr. and Bryce. Chris and wife Adrienne Bosh are expecting their second child together. Trinity is the B-ball player’s only child with ex-girlfriend Allison Mathis.

Photos: April Belle

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  1. Jackson is such a cute little boy and I didn’t know Adrienne was expecting again!! Congrats to the Bosh family!!

  2. Congrats Lebron! He took his team all the way. Oh, congrats Heat! Adrienne stay in the spotlight. Jackson has so much personality. Dwanye had his boys with him last night, but I didn’t see Gabrielle Union.

    • There’s a video with D.Wade doing an interview in the locker room with Gabrielle on his lap and she posted pictures of them together with the trophy on her Instagram. Neither is my home team but I was happy for the Heat it was nice to see them all with their families!

  3. Nice pic of Bosh and his family!! I am so proud that my team Miami Heat won because so many people wanted them to fail even though the spurs is not even their team!!!

  4. Congrats Heat!!!!!! I Was rooting for you guys hard last night! Jackson is just too cute! Ms. Trinity too.

    As far as Adrienne, I wonder how far along she is to because for some reason, some women don’t show until late in their pregnancy. My sister didn’t show until she was almost 7 months and she had a healthy baby and I am currently expecting my first baby and I’m at 20 weeks and my stomach isn’t showing really either unless I poke it out but when I’m relaxed, you wouldn’t even know. Everyone I know seems to thinks this is normal and not a big deal and the doctor says my baby is fine, healthy, growing properly and not to worry but idk this is weird to me.

  5. I didn’t want the Heat to win but Lebron has superhuman strength I’ve yet to comprehend, lol.
    The Bosh babies are adorable but can someone tell me how far along Adrienne is? Scratches head. I’m guessing at least 16 weeks since she know’s the sex of the new bundle of joy.

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