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It’s all about direction as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have named their daughter North. Several media sources have confirmed with family and friends concerning the newborn’s name, and they all agree that North West is what mom and dad have chosen. PEOPLE magazine reports,

“Five days after Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed their baby girl, the new arrival’s name has been revealed. And it’s likely to surprise the couple’s fans.The reality star and the rapper named their daughter North West, a source confirms to PEOPLE.”

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed their baby girl into the world on June 15, 2013. The day was extra special for Kanye as he got to celebrate Father’s Day and his daughter’s birth on the same day. Kardashian and West have been in courtship for several months. North is their first child together.


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  1. I like the name. It has diva written all over it. I am certain she is beautiful and can pull the name off!
    As a kindergarten teacher, in the ATL; believe me when I say I have heard way worse LOL.

  2. Surely there should be some law against people giving their kids these ridiculous names. If this is true, she’ll probably change her name once she’s 18.

  3. I was watching Adam sandlers movie that’s my boy, his character in the movie name his son Han solo burger, I know shes going to change her name by 14, and divorce her parents!

  4. well if that isn’t just one of the most ridiculous things i’ve ever heard. it’s beyond a novelty name – it’s just a joke. i never liked her and thought he was a douche but i thought the ridicule was a slight overreaction to people who are over-exposed and therefore prone to it. they deserve all the ridicule and more. anything, ANYTHING for attention. i’m sure there’s a medical name for this….i wish them and their baby well (goes without saying) but they are beyond saving…

  5. let’s do some math’s here !

    Juin 15 2013
    06 – 1+5 – 2+0+1+3

    men lie, women lie BUT NUMBERS DON’T LIE 😉

    North West lol!!!!!

  6. She is going to need every bit of the money her parents has to anesthetize the emotional wounds she is sure to get from the teasing throughout her life over her name and the things her family does for attention. Lets not forget that she will have to explain her name to everyone she meets…another burdeon on top of being the daughter of The Lady (Kanye) and the Tramp (Go figure). Essentially, this is Kanye thinking outside of the box again and Kim going along with anything to prove to the world that she can maintain a relationship beyond 72 days that doesnt involve a sex tape.

  7. These novelty names kill me. Do they realize this person has to carry that name for the rest of her life. Kids are not sideshows, they’re not here for your amusement. When Jay Leno asked her if that was the baby’s name, he was mocking her. A normal person would have thought “maybe this isn’t such a good idea. I don’t want my kid to be mocked her whole life.” Sad.

  8. as i hate to admit to this but i don’t think it was kims idea i wish people get off her back kanye west is so controlling i bet she didn’t like that name but she always sniffing his a@# its like come on kimmy don’t you have your own mind

  9. north is not that bad but north west is terrible teacher says everyone this is north west she’s new to the classroom lol but north will always have money so she wouldn’t care no way she just gonna be like daddy make it happen and dust the haters off plus i don’t wanna get into race because i think all races are just plain gorgeous but she mixed light skinned, i hate to say this but light skinned people seems to have it much better then darker color skinned I’m dark skinned but i love my color also the good hair so what she can change her name or not who cares.

  10. Praying the girl’s name is not North. I actually though Kaidence Donda West was a nice name but I shuld have known better I guess…

    Celebrities man.

  11. I really hope that isn’t the poor baby’s name. Even the nickname is bizarre since Nori represents two things in most people’s minds: 1) a clump of seaweed; and 2) a dwarf from Tolkien’s “The Hobbit”. Don’t celebrities realize that the kids are stuck with these weird for the rest (or most) of their lives?

    Ugh, she should’ve just gotten a puppy.

  12. I’m not sure if this is their daughters name or not….but I’ve heard a lot of celebrity baby names, and this is not that bad compared to others. Example: Apple , Pilot Inspector , Bear , and some other crazy names I can’t recall right now. #parents #get #it #together #please #lol

  13. for everyone who is calling Kim a liar,please wait until Kim or Kanye say the the childs name really is North, cuz right now it is just a rumor like Kaidence West, K’Donda West and all other reported names

  14. I hope that that her name is not North but like most things after a while it grows on me. I thought they would have kept the K’s going. I liked Kaidence.

  15. Considering the amount of intelligence between these two, the chosen name is fitting. SMH. Well she’ll have enough money & exposure to make her stans love it.

  16. Until Kim, Kanye and The Family confirm the name then I will believe it. I really hope that this is not the name they have chose for their daughter. I think that Kaidence Donda West is so much better than North “Nori” West.

  17. These celebrities think these kids are their alter egos…North?…do they even put thought into these names, these kids have to live with these names the rest of their lives.

  18. I know there baby will be simply gorgeous, but I honestly do hope they are kidding with the name North. Not that it’s a awful name, but it should not be added to the last name West.
    I honestly miss the days where celebrities gave their kids names they could live with for the rest of their lives. They are making their kids want to change their names to ones like Metta World Peace lol.

  19. Didnt a “source” also confirm the name was Kaidence? Lol I’ll wait until Kanye makes a shout out at another one of his shows lol

  20. Rotflmbo! Please let this report be incorrect. Lol if Kanye was trying to outdue “Blue Ivy” he has succeeded.

    • HAHA! The cool part about all of it is that her initials “NW” are actually her entire name. I wonder when she grows up and goes into the entertainment industry (assuming) if she’ll go by this moniker like Prince at one point when he was just a symbol..

      I’m jumping ahead. I know.

  21. Wonder what made her change her mind because on Jay Leno a few months back she said the name would not be North. Anyway “Nori” is a cute nickname.

    • I agree. She should’ve been honest back then and said it was under consideration instead of flat out lying. That’s what gets me with her sometimes!

      Anyways, God bless her little GPS, I mean baby girl, North West!! As long as she’s healthy and well loved.

      • If she wants to lie to keep her baby name a secret then so what? A lot of people do that lol. Plus people do last minute change of mind. Complete cancel a name out then get persuaded last minute by daddy or mommy to choose that name.

        • I agree but this is Kim K. There was a whole episode on her show (KUWTK) about her excessive lying. I’m only restating past history haha

      • Totally just rewatched that Leno episode where she says, “not true North is not one of the names on the list” Name your baby whatever you want but be truthful when confronted.

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