Chris Bosh enjoys the company of Trinity so much that he wants to have her full-time. The Miami ‘Heat’ player recently petitioned the court to award him primary physical custody of Trinity over the tot’s mom, Allison Mathis.

TMZ reports,

“Bosh claims Mathis has been trying to alienate the kid from him … blocking contact, refusing to let them travel together, and poisoning their daughter against him. Bosh wants primary physical custody, but says he’s more than willing to give Mathis her fair share of mother-daughter time in the form of visitation.”

Allison has denied allegations of alienation and plans to fight for custody of her daughter.

Mathis’ lawyer previously commented on Chris’ court order to only give Allison $1100 per month in child support by claiming residency in Texas, telling GossipNews.com that the Miami ‘Heat’ player tricked the trial judge and thus conned his way into paying hundreds less in monthly support than he would have paid if he legally resided in Florida. Allison’s lawyer had presented the possibility of taking Bosh back to court on behalf of his client to get more child support for Trinity days before the basketball player petitioned the court for primary custody.

Trinity is Allison and Chris’ only child together. Chris and wife Adrienne Bosh have one child, Jackson, together and are expecting another bundle of joy to arrive later this year.

Photos: April Belle

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  1. Chris Bosh and wife should be ashamed b/c if he weren’t married custody would be a non-issue. Your wife spends more than that in clothing (monthly), give that girl a little more change a month, stop being so cheap. She has loved and taken care of that child from birth. Remember, what goes around comes around.

    • some people are sooooooo stupid…

      Listen. this is “CHILD SUPPORT” not “MOMMY AND BABY” support

      Chris is already paying her 2600 per month, all while paying for the full expense of the child’s expenses, and to add up, he even have college fund prepared.

      that woman is GIVEN 2600 to spend on her own, but she wants 30000 per-month… equal to 360,000 per year!!! just to have a life style that bosh is having right now.

      the mother is a gold digger, 360k a year ridiculous.

      Chris is only responsible to take care of his daughter, not the mother of her child.
      2600 per month, you can buy her a new Lego set every other week, you’d still have left over, Chris is already being overly generous

  2. Sherley
    “Bosh agreed & did fertility treatments for Allison to become pregnant. She didn’t do it on her own. Adrienne was three months pregnant when she got married. Adrienne has the same job Allison had, being Bosh’s kept woman. Those pictures she posts have you fooled Trisha.”
    I agree with you people act like Adrienne hoe bag is any better. She is likely worst and I ask my white boyfriend who is the father of our son about this. He said he cannot believe anyone would wife up a hoe. I notice when it comes to negro american men anything light and bright is better than the black women. If this lady Allison was white he would pay up to impress his white friends and his image. There is no way she would have been treated like this but its a black women anything goes. I notice this with black american men.

  3. **where is my original comment? All I said is that child support is based on where the CHILD resides, NOT the father. Texas has a cap on child support, not the best state in the world to sue an athlete for big support because you have to show proof that additional money is needed. Try California, thats where plenty of the exes go for child support..

  4. As a parent you have to act in the best interest of the child. It’s time to put the pettiness aside. Parents need to understand it’s the child that’s being hurt in the mist of this mess. There should be no reason these two parents can’t raise this child in an environment w/out the BS. I’m glad my ex and I were able to do it. We may not always agree on everything, but we make it work (doing whatever it takes) b/c our children are our #1 priority.

  5. Seems these Athletes always want to file for custody of their children out the blue for no good reason at all…. If the mother is taking good care of her, why interrupt that. A little girl needs her mom around daily. I hope WADE is not in Bosh ear telling him what to say..SMH

      • You made a good point. It’s cheaper for him to have the child with him than to pay out child support to the mother.

    • I don’t believe D. Wade did anything wrong. His ex is sick and can’t take care of his children as they deserve. He actually tried not to take the children from her. This Bosh situation is completely different, he’s just sorry.

  6. There’s three sides to every situation: HIS, HERS, & THE TRUTH. For all we know they both could be doing what they think is best for their daughter OR they both are being spiteful and trying to one up the other.

  7. BCK, love the way you presented it: “Chris Bosh enjoys the company of Trinity so much that he wants to have her full-time.”

  8. I bet Mrs. Bosh is behind this… The new woman is always so quick to come down on the ex, but the table usually turns! It isn’t even about how can you take Allison’s baby from her, it’s about how can he take Trinity’s mommy away from her! I’ve never liked Bostrich and Short Stacks!

    • BCK is holding two of my comments hostage. *sigh* I agree with you. Adrienne would be asking for much more than Allison is asking if it were her.

    • No she’s not. If u go to adrienne’s instagram u would think totally different. She loves that lil girl. Its the bitter mother who is making this hard for ALL OF THEM !

      • She may do love Trinity, but she doesn’t love her as much as her mother does. Sometimes it’s the bitter MAN and scheming new woman that think they can take the child and replace her mom with the stepmom and it doesn’t work that way.

      • A staged picture doesn’t equate love Izaiah’s mommy. One cannot do much but assume when looking at a picture. Adrienne may truly love Trinity, that’s not being questioned though, it’s why would Chris want to take Trinity away from her mother, who isn’t causing her any harm? Adrienne wouldn’t put up with Chris’s new woman trying to take Jackson away from her just because they love him.

  9. if Chris knnows how it feels to be seprated from his daughter, why would he seek to do the ame to her mother?! he and Adrienne are seen traveling the world, hosting elaborate parties and sporting designer clothes. He can definitely afford Trinity a comfortable lifestyle while with her mother. She needs both parents.Hope he or his wife never have to go through this with Jackson and the new baby. How a woman goes along with a man taking children away from their moher, if she’s not abusive, is beyond me!

  10. My 2 brothers have physical, sole, & legal custody of their children so I am not against a man wanting custody of his children but in this case I feel like something’s up here! Chris Bosh seems to have Trinity with him a lot. And if his ex is not an unfit mother how could you dare want to take her child away from their mommy? Yes that’s his child too but I’m just not buying his story. He has a 3rd child on the way & kids are expensive, I think he just doesn’t want to pay child support anymore… But I could be totally wrong.

    • Very true… Furthermore, he has a “live-in” photographer which explains why they are always posting all these portraits, which gives off the perception that his daughter is with him more often then her mother.

      • Smh @ live in photographer!!! Honestly this whole situation is sad. How can you want full custody when you can’t even be a full time parent when ball season is going on?!?

    • I agree with MommyRN. If she is a good mother than why take her child from her. I don’t feel it has anything to do with visitation but more about not wanting to give up the money. I don’t really care for Wade taking his boys away from their mother simply because he couldn’t be without them. Well what about them being without their mother? All these people are being selfish and not doing what best for their children. Both Bosh and his wife need to put themselves in the mother shoes and realize how painful it would be to have their other two children taken from them. As a mother, I could never do another mother like that, especially if she love and take care of the child. Bosh should just give her what she wants and set up a fair custody agreement . It’s not like he can’t afford it and just to stop this madness and enjoy raising his daughter.

  11. I don’t know them to judge, but it seems as of lately Trinity has been with Chris and his wife alot. She’s been in just about every picture that has been posted within the last couple months. So I’m confused! Just my observation. I hope Chris isn’t doing this because he’s married to Adrienne and wants to paint this picture perfect family, and I hope Trinity’s mom isn’t trying to be spiteful because Chris has another family and she’s bitter, not having the life Adrienne has. It’s sad all around what ever the case. The children are the innocent one’s :(

  12. You can’t live the life of luxury on $1100. People need to start putting their children first. These custody battles are becoming common for wealthy men that are frequently on the road, which leaves me offering an epic side eye. You can’t want custody of your child for someone else to primarily raise them.

    • Living the life of luxury, is a figure of speech. Some women want more money, so they can maintain the same lifestyle they had when they were with the one who had the money. IJS.

      • From what I recall, this is not a gold digger situation. The two had to receive IVF or medical assistance to conceive this child. It’s quite odd for him to be going this route when it comes to custody. I don’t think the mother always deserves custody but in this case the baby was desired by BOTH parents, and he’s on the road a lot. Why would he get custody?

    • This is petty personal silliness between the ex who was probably with him when he was broke and the new gold digging wife. I thu j he should for once to right by the woman he thought wasn’t good enough to marry. These celebrity NBA players are shameful.

  13. Go for it Chris and I hope that he’s doing this for non-selfish reasons and not just trying to get over. Does Allison work or is she using Trinity to live the life of luxury? Hmm.. Makes you wonder. It happens. I try to look at things from both sides. My ex goes through this with his twins’ mother. She uses the twins against him. Threatens to not allow him to see them, unless he gives her more money. Sad. Instead of putting aside her differences for the sake of their children, she lets greed get in the way.

        • That’s a good question Honey. You have a lot of ONE SIDED individuals that have their minds set on Chris being in the wrong. I’m not saying he’s in the right. I just look at it from both perspectives. If he is doing this, so he doesn’t have to pay child support, that’s totally selfish and wrong on his end, however, if Allison is using Trinity as a meal ticket, she’s selfish and wrong on her end. I’m not going to draw conclusions and make assumptions based on gossip. I don’t know Chris nor do I know Allison, so I cannot judge.

          • But you are judging. You believe (slightly) Allison is using Trinity as a ‘meal ticket’. If Bosh was making $18k a yr & his order is to pay $100/mnth, then he needs to pay it. If he’s making $18 mill a yr & his order is to pay $30k/mnth, then he needs to pay it. In both scenarios, both parties are required to provide medical care, day care costs, split excessive medical bills, provide a college education, etc. Trinity cannot ‘feed’ Allison forever, eventually she will turn 18.

    • Allison had the same job Adrienne had, being Bosh’s woman. If it were Adrienne, do you honestly believe she’d settle for the same amount & get a job?!

      Not trying to be mean Iridescent, but do you know what truly went down between your man & the mother of his twins prior to you coming into the picture? Do you hear the twins’ mother say those words or is he telling you that’s what she says? IJAsking.

    • Allison had the same job Adrienne had, being Bosh’s woman. If it were Adrienne, do you honestly believe she’d settle for the same amount & get a job?!

  14. And I will add this…what he does to one woman he will do to another…so if they ever break up he will do the same thing to Adrienne too.

    • Probably not, Adrienne actually married him 1st then had his kids. They also probably signed a prenup which will probably leave Adrienne more than comfortable. & plus she could argue that Chris had her accustomed to that lifestyle & he needs to up keep it. My point is Allyson seems to want to get treated like an ex wife, but shes actually getting treated like a babymama which is what she is.

      Allyson keeps saying she needs more money to keep her home, & that shes basically struggling. Why not have your child stay w/ her dad for a lil while until you get on your feet? Chris shouldn’t have to give her 30k so she can live off that. Does she not have a job? She must have poor money management if shes not able to pay bills & etc w/ the money chris gives her on top of her paycheck. Especially when Chris is paying for everything concerning the child. So I see nothing wrong w/ Chris having Trinity for awhile

      **did anyone hear how Royce basically attacked Adrienne on Twitter over this whole thing b/c her & Allyson are friends smh. Basically saying baby mama’s are entitled lol. A mess

      • BCK is holding my comment hostage! I will say this, when did Allison say she needed more money, a year ago! Since then I haven’t heard her ask or say anything else! The judge order him to pay her 2600 dollars a month when he’s worth 18 million a year! I would protect my friends to the end so maybe Royce knows something we don’t! Allison was with Chris for years and how he’s treating her now is ludacris! Regardless of how he feels about her that’s still his first child’s mother and he chose to reproduce with her!

        • But how is Chris treating her tho? He’s not slandering Allison’s name, he’s not hurting her in anyway. He’s just trying to protect whats his. Why should he give her more money, just so she can live off of it & have others benefit off his hard work. I think he should pay more child support, but I feel most should go into a savings account for their daughter that can’t be touched till shes of age. That 2, 600 plus her paycheck should leave her living rather comfortable. In the beginning, he offered her so much. Offered to pay her college tuition to get a better job, buy her a home, give her more money a month so she wouldn’t have to work while attending school. I was all for Allison until I heard about that plus him paying for all things concerning his child & that she turned it down b/c she rather a lump sum. Thats greed. He was willing to help her, what he should do but she took advantage in my eyes. Trinity should live the same lifestyle like her dad & brother & im sure she is when shes spending time w/ him. But child support should not allow Allison to live that lifestyle also, wearing red bottoms & Celine bags. Who agrees to have a baby w/out security. Women need to start thinking!! Men say a lot of things, but who makes a huge step like that based on some words & no action smh. Im not taking up for someone b/c we have the same body part & same skin tone (dont even see what that has to do w/ anything smh) wrong is wrong, greed is greed. Chris is a dummy too. He had to know things would end up like this. They need to have groupies & babymamas 101 for the athletes when they sign their contract

          • Marriage is security in Hollywood? Guess Pilar (Deion Sander’s ex), Tameka Foster (Usher’s ex), Nicole (Eddie Murphy’s ex), Tiki Barber’s ex, Kevin Federline (Brittney Spear’s ex) & many other celebrities, athletes & entertainers who’s marriage dissolved, didn’t get the memo.

      • Royce is a mess! Saying they (Chris & Dwight) are trying to keep them broke. No they’re stopping yall from living off them. Just like they have jobs, her & Allison should get them one to help support their kids. And her attacking Adrienne was very immature. She didn’t get either one of them pregnant so I don’t see why she was attacking her. Glad Adrienne ignored her.

        • Agree! Royce is a mess. I understand she wanted to take up for her friend, but she probably made the situation way worse for chris & allyson. Neither of them ran o Twitter to air out their business, so why should she smh. Now I see why Dwight had that gag order on that girl. Shes been running her mouth a lot lately

      • I’ve always found it both funny and sad how some black women are quick to attack another woman but will rush to defend some half behind male.

        • Again I agree with you PlainMean. Allison does not deserve to be treated like this for asking for more child support. She hasn’t bashed Chris at all. Chris will do to Adrienne what he’s doing to Allison, only difference is Adrienne will have better lawyers.

        • And I find it funny and sad that women always want to blame the man for everything and think the woman is never wrong or at fault for anything.

          • No one said Chris was 100% at fault, however it’s safe to say Allison isn’t 100% at fault either. Adrienne isn’t 100% staying out of it. They are all to blame for this mess they are putting Trinity in.

            Oh, can’t decide if you want to be Jasmyn or Jamie on BCK? It baffles me why people change identities when on blogs.

        • There’s three sides to every situation: HIS, HERS, & THE TRUTH. For all we know they both could be doing what they think is best for their daughter OR they both are being spiteful and trying to one up the other.

      • Bosh agreed & did fertility treatments for Allison to become pregnant. She didn’t do it on her own. Adrienne was three months pregnant when she got married. Adrienne has the same job Allison had, being Bosh’s kept woman. Those pictures she posts have you fooled Trisha.

        • And there it is! People act like Adrienne is so much better than Allison because Chris married her. Adrienne was a well known groupie and and many wives turn into bitter exes. She can find herself in Allison’s shoes.

          • Exactly! Adrienne was shopping around for a baby daddy too. Bosh was the only one who wived her up as a disguise to mask his true “feelings”. The same people who are attacking Allison, are backing up Dwanye Wade’s ex, Sivonnah or whatever her name is spelled.

  15. This is turning into Usher vs. Tameka part II. Both parents need to put the well-being of the child first above all else. Sad for the little girl because either way she loses.

  16. More than likely he’s fighting for custody so that he does’t have to pay Trinity’s mom more child support. That’s what the mother is seeking and now all of a sudden he wants full custody.

  17. I agree! I feel so sorry for these woman with these players…then they are quick to back stab and take ur child cause u don’t make as much as them..horrible!

  18. I have absolutely no problem with a dad fighting for his child. I just hope they realize they are putting little Trinity in a tough spot. I also think that Allison should tell her “best friend” Royce Reed to butt out of her business because its not helping her case at all.

  19. if the Mom is fit to take her of the child i dont see why he need to take her away. they need to agree on 50/50 custody. i hate these type of arrangements the child ends up being put last in these situation.

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