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SInger Beyoncé Knowles enjoyed an afternoon of fun with daughter Blue Ivy and some friends in Miami on Wednesday. Website Popsugar reports:

Beyoncé Knowles slipped into a sexy one-piece swimsuit for an afternoon with friends and family by the pool in Miami on Wednesday. She held on to her 1-year-old daughter, Blue Carter, and snapped photos of the fun, which later popped up on her personal blog. Beyoncé looked smiley and happy while chasing her little one around and hanging with her nephew, Julez Smith. The poolside moment was likely a welcome break for Beyoncé and her tourmates, who took to the stage later that night for a show at the American Airlines Arena — the singer is halfway through the US leg of her Mrs. Carter World Tour, which wraps up in Brooklyn, NY, next month.

Photos: PopSugar.com

See more pictures of the duo below!






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  1. Dear Beyonce
    Your pictures of Blue Ivy are adorable.

    Teresa McIntire

    • Have other people heard too that Blue Ivy is 23 cousins away related to Kate Middleton’s royal baby that is due this month? Blue Ivy REALLY IS earthly royalty. Amazing.

        • LOL, you crack me up as always universitychick. The British media actually reports that Blue is a 23rd cousin twice removed from the new royalty coming.

          I hear you though…this may be just another reason for Beyonce to make us all “Bow down.” You tickle me with your tenacity in this matter. So FUNNY!

  2. She’s walking and running now wow that’s cool…. She is a cute lil girl…. Blue is a blessing and she seems happy…..her blue and jay

  3. Aww Blue’s getting big. So those other kids are Timberland’s kids? I told yall Blue looked like the daughter!

  4. Beautiful pictures. Mom & daughter are relaxed & having fun. BlueIvy walking alone with a grin on her face is so cute.

  5. Aww. I forget she’s only 1 and not 3 they way those long legs dangle. Lol. And I see she and Julez had a playdate with the Mosley kids (Timberland’s kids).

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