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    Teen group the OMG Girlz recently released their new song Baddie and now they are back with the fun new video.

    In the video, the ladies (Beauty, Baby Doll and Star) show off their vocal skills and their outstanding dance moves.

    Earlier this year, the trio gave their 7 reasons why they felt Beyoncé was a “Baddie” for the Ishlist 36. The lovely diva extrodinaire saw the OMG Girlz’ video and scooped up the name for her Instagram. She even wrote the ladies a handwritten note thanking them for the nice things they said, letting them know how they helped her come up with her Instagram name.

    Check out the new Baddie video by the OMG Girlz below.

    Purchase the OMG Girlz single Baddie now from iTunes & AmazonMP3!

    iTunes – https://t.co/oDMJj2CAsK
    AmazonMP3 – http://t.co/Seg85zDQtO

    Watch the video now! 

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    6. At The End Of The Day These Girls Arent Kids Anymore They’re 17 And 18….It’s Their Decision If They Want People To Sop Looking At Them Like Kids And Start Looking At Them As Young Adults…Their Was No Extremely Sexual Things Going On, They Weren’t Doing Anything To Be A Bad Influence On Young Girls They’re The Same OMG Girlz Just Older And It’s Time For People To Start Seeing That. Just Because They’re On BCK Doesnt Mean Their Kids.

    7. I love OMG but they’re going in the wrong direction. The video could have went in another direction but it was very kiddie but grown. It was like a sexy kid show. They should have just danced at a fair or carnival, not a club venue. Yes they looked like “baddies” but that goes to bad b words. They’re supposed to reflect girl empowerment and that was not it at all it was saying it’s okay to show off your glimmer and glammer, in my opinion.

      When they get older and look back they might feel very stupid, I would.

    8. The song is really catchy.. Oh, Oh, Oh.. & every thing else.. -______- No, just…. No. Idc though because its their life NOT Mines. I Honestly thought that they would’ve put out something that was moreeee idk.. ‘Classy?’ Or even ‘Fancy’. But Hey, in the indestry 5 times out of 10 Sex appeals & also sells. If they aren’t making big bucks on the other stuff they’ve gotta try something different. Thats what their managers & agent is gonna suggest. Sooo don’t get mad! Get Glad! Its not their faults.

    9. Tbh I support OMG. You dont like it, dont look at it. Simple . The fact that some of you wont let your kids express themselves through music,fashion or a simply hair style is sad. I bet you would like to have your daughter doing what OMG does rather then her going out and having sex with a bunch of guys and getting pregnant though. All i have to say is at least those girls arent on pregnant and on tv just because of it.

      • well seeing as they are basically grown and have graduated from high school, there is nothing wrong with this video…its wat girls their age do, how they dress and dance. i should know because im their age

    10. I Loveeee the Omg Girlz, I love the new video , The hair, outfits, vocals, and dance moves all get a A +++++++ ! #TeamOMG! #TEAMSTAR #TEAMBEAUTY #TEAMBABYDOLL …. They are going to paint the World Purple Pink And Blue !

    11. I don’t think this is what you call a BC(Kid)!!! The perms & color hair throws everything off for me and I’m in my early 20’s I’m not saying they should be role models but I feel like there trying to create something that isn’t there they wanna say they were the 1st group to have kool-aid dye hair. Like example Aaliyah was the one who created the cute Tom boy look snoop Ice cube dr Dre had ppl throwing up the W Mary j blige the queen of hip hop and r&b. I just think there trying to create a lane that says yeah we did that 1st. But no. They should just be them. But good luck to them. That’s all I got!

    12. Considering they have good songs, this really failed them. I feel sorry for them because after 106 & the pre show, people will never give them another chance. They are unique and talented but are guided in the wrong direction.

    13. Idc what anyone has to say about my opinion, because this mess is ridiculous. Tiny should be ashamed of herself. Yes, they are 17-18, but they do not have to be marketed like this. They can still sing/rap about boys or whatever and it can still look tasteful. And the fact that they are 17-18 should be all the more reason to get rid of all that different color hair, geez.
      I honestly tried to like this group, but I can not do it.

    14. I mean let’s not act like r & b girl groups back in the 90s weren’t 17 and 18 years old singing and doing any different. In my opinion and I do mean MY OPINION if you don’t want your “little girls” dressing or even looking up to them as role models, then keep them away from their music and watching their videos, your only in control of your children it’s not up to these entertainers to be responsible for your kids. And if Tiny and TI are supporting them then so be it. And based on interviews that I have seen them do their very intelligent young ladies and their parents do stay on them about their education.

    15. I have been following the OMG Girlz since they first began, and I thought that it was amazing for talented, young black girls to finally have another group out. I think that their songs and beats are catchy, although I must admit that I’m not bumping it in my car. But maybe I’m not supposed to because it’s just outside of my age bracket? Whatever the case (and I’m choosing my words carefully), I pray that they (including management as well) don’t get so caught up in the “sex sells” mentality. They can sing, rap, and overall perform well. I think it’s a little bit more of a shock for most who’ve followed them since they were much younger to see them having more provocative moves and attire now. But remember, when TLC came on the scene, they were only a year or two older than the OMG Girlz, and Destiny’s Child was around their age as well. Comparing the groups, they all had the bellies out and were singing about more mature content as they progressed. So, I don’t know. I think I’ll continue to support these young ladies until they give me a reason not to.

    16. I do think the clothes and dancing are bit much but they are coming of age 17-18 now didnt think t.i. Would let this happen so soon tho but hey I like the song

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