Singer Usher’s five-year-old son was admitted into the hospital on Monday after his arm got caught in the drain of a pool at the star’s home. Usher Raymond V, nicknamed Cinco, is currently being treated in ICU at an Atlanta hospital:

Sources tell TMZ, the accident occurred around 6 PM yesterday. Usher was not home at the time.

Here’s what we know … The child was playing in the pool with his aunt and saw a toy in the drain. He dove down to get the toy and his arm got stuck in the drain. The aunt immediately dove in to rescue him but couldn’t get his hand out. The maid then dove in and tried but was also unsuccessful.

The maid screamed for help. Two men working in the house came out, dove in and freed the boy. He was given CPR immediately and rushed to the hospital. Usher arrived and drove in the ambulance with his son.

5-year-old Usher Raymond V is the oldest of Usher’s two sons with ex-wife Tameka Raymond. We’re told Usher and Tameka are currently at the hospital.

Doctors have been running a series of tests and doctors say he’ll be ok.

This is the second accident to strike a child in Usher’s family. Tameka’s 11-year-old son Kile from a previous relationship passed away last year from injuries sustained during a jet ski accident.(Source)




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  3. Thank God, their son survived this incident. It could’ve turned out badly.

    This was a freak accident. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with Usher or Tameka’s parenting skills. SMH

  4. Glad he’ll be ok. But as a safety precaution when Usher isn’t at home, just let them play on a slip & slide. No one drowns from playing on those. As for Tameka, she didn’t file an emergency hearing last year for her older sons, so why do it now. I guess the difference is the ex-husbands’ financial status.

    • This accident was no one’s fault. Usher’s presence wouldn’t have played a significant role in preventing it. The child was supervised by an ADULT.

      That said, I pray that he recovers and is not scarred for life by the accident.

      I am not looking forward to a repeat of Usher/Tameka custody battle- lord have mercy!

  5. I feel so bad for Tameka BS! Cinco’s not just her child he’s Usher’s child also! It’s obvious Usher wasn’t far away, because he got there in time to ride in the ambulance with his child! Praying for a speedy recovery!

    Sidenote: Did anyone hear the judge order Wade to let his boys go with their mother.

  6. Usher can NOT have his Aunts, Grandmother, and mother take the place of their real mom. How selfish of Usher… If he is not going to be there half the time because he is on the rode then he needs to have those children in the primary care of their REAL MOTHER!!!

    • Would that be the same ‘real mother’ who doesn’t have custody of her other boys? She doesn’t seem to mind Kile’s step-mother taking her place though does she? Pls!

    • I don’t see why people are so bitter to Usher now because he has his kids. First of all she wanted to have them just as he does he just countered and won, does that him him the bad guy? He is trying to be in his child’s life. He was actually fine at first with sharing. Also I feel many people are coming down hard on him at anything since the tragedy that happened to Tameka’s son.

  7. OMG! The poor baby. Thank goodness there were people there to get him out quickly. He’s probably in ICU as a precaution. I pray all ends up well & nothing like this ever happens again.

  8. Something always happen to Tameka’s kids when they’re w| their father. She need to take custody of her kids

  9. UPDATE !!! ….Tameka has just filed custody for both of her young sons. When she heard the news, she almost fainted. #Praying for this family

    • If that is true she is ridiculous, she could at least make sure the baby is out of danger before starting litigation. I understand she has already loss one son and clearly does not want too loose another but that would suggesting that Usher put his son in harms way!!!
      Why do these people allow the almighty court to run their lives! Can people just sit and talk and decide together what is right for their lives, why let strangers tell you have to live! Accidents are going to happen!!

      • I agree. I know shes scared. But she ran to court already? Her & Usher could have had a sit down to talk it out. If he wouldn’t compromise then I understand going to court. I don’t recall her running to the courts to get custody from her ex for their oldest son when Kile died. When that too was from an accident where a parent was not present. She has a lot of anger towards Usher, so I figured she was gonna do this

        • Where do y’all keep getting this idea that Tameka doesn’t have custody of her other children? Like seriously, what’s your source? I have always been under the impression that she has joint custody of her older boys just as she shared joint with usher before he took her to court. Even if she doesn’t have custody of her older sons, so what! Teen boys need a man around and maybe it’s best he has them. It doesn’t mean she can’t or shouldn’t want custody of Cinco and Nayvid who are babies.

          • Tameka said it PlainMean. When she was chasing Usher around, I mean dating him, she said her eldest son was an adult & she had shared custody with her two younger boys’s father but he had residential custody due to her, umm work. In the Essence article she made mention to it as well. When people kept coming at her, asking why she only showed pics of the money kids, I mean Usher’s boys, she said it was because her other boys resides with their father. I think she only raised her eldest, but her parents could have had a hand in that (now I’m speculating on that).

    • The accident happened at 6pm yesterday & she has already filed for custody of the boys. So I’m guessing she’s saying Usher cannot take care of the boys while they are in his custody? Soooo, guess the same can be said about Kyle huh? Where was she when his accident happened? The boys had proper supervision, the aunt was there & so was the maid, no where did it say the boys were left unsupervised. Tameka needs to get in her knees & thank the Lord.

  10. Good Lord!!….not another pool/water incident in the family. Praying the little one will pull through without any complications.

  11. This is really sad. I pray that Usher’s son receives a full recovery.

    Pool drains are a hazard. The suction is unbelievably powerful. If you have a pool and kids, please tell them to never ever get too close to one.

  12. How terrifying for all involved, he was trapped under water!
    OMG!!!! I have never been a fan of pools when children are around, just an additional worry! Poor baby must be traumatized!!! Glad he’ll be okay it would just too much for one family to bare!!!

  13. Is he in ICU b/c he almost drowned or b/c of his arm? The story is not clear to me

    I’m glad he’s ok. Usher needs to get drain covers. There are a lot of stories of young kids getting seriously hurt b/c of them. & for this, i see the whole custody battle happening again. I really wouldn’t be surprised if Tameka is back in court asking for custody….This family need to stay away from water. In a yrs time, 2 water accidents?!

  14. So sad… It seem like anytime her kids r in their father custody something bad happen. Give this woman back her kids

  15. Glad to hear doctors think he’ll be ok & man I hope so. I just hope the blame game doesn’t start with these two. Get well soon Usher.

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