Tracy Morgan has shared an adorable photo of his baby girl Maven Sonae Morgan. “Here is MAVEN SONAE MORGAN at 2 weeks y’all! tweeted the proud dad this afternoon.

    The comedian and his fiancée Megan Wollover welcomed their bundle of joy on July 2nd. Maven weighed in at 7 lbs and 3 oz and measured 19.59 inches long.

    Tracy already has three sons from a previous marriage. This is Megan’s first child.

    Photo: Tracy Morgan via


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    1. OMG, she is so freaking beautiful. How is is possible for her to look JUST LIKE TRACY but be so kidnappable? Look at all that hair. I was two years old before I had that much hair. She looks like an Anne Geddes bebe. Hope that that old saying is not true about bebes looking like the person the mum hated when she was pregnant.

    2. She looks like a little caterpillar shedding her cocoon and turning into a beautiful butterfly all wrapped up like that.

    3. Looks like she’s saying “hey, this blanket is itchy. I’m about to bust outta this joint. Hurry up an take this picture”.

    4. CUTIE…my first time seeing a infant with wrinkles on their forehead though…I hope they straighten out as she grows.

    5. Old soul but made me smile! She is a much cuter verison of her dad!!! First and probably only daughter! You know she will be spoiled!!

    6. Looks grown! Got her eyes all open wide lmao…. She looks like daddy. She’s adorable tho

    7. That is a grown woman expression all over her face….looking like “can you hurry up and take the picture this blanket is awfully tight”. She is too adorable!

      • She’s only 2 weeks. Babies tend to be wrinkly fresh out the womb. She does look a lot like dad though. As soon as I saw the picture, I knew whose child she was.

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