Tameka Raymond is not letting her son’s pool accident go unnoticed, as she has now filed for primary custody of both Naviyd and Usher V. TMZ reports,

Usher’s ex-wife has just filed legal docs asking for an emergency hearing later this week … to wrestle child custody away from him, on grounds he’s creating a dangerous environment…Tameka Raymond filed the docs in Fulton County, Georgia, claiming Usher is abdicating his parental responsibilities by letting other people care for their 2 kids — people who she claims are not on the ball.

In the docs, Tameka claims Usher Raymond V was left unsupervised in the swimming pool when his arm got stuck in the drain. Tameka says Usher delegated his supervisory responsibilities to his aunt … who she believes was not on the ball.

Tameka, who is asking for temporary primary custody of their two children, says it’s typical that Usher delegates responsibility for their kids … because he’s out of town 85% of the time every month.

What’s more, she says Usher had fired every caregiver who was on staff when he was awarded primary custody … and she’s clearly saying the replacements are not up to snuff.

In the documents, which were filed Tuesday — the day after the pool accident — Tameka wants decision-making power over the children’s education, healthcare, religion and extracurricular activities.

The hearing date has not been set.

Usher V was being supervised poolside by his aunt while at home on Tuesday (August 6) when his arm got caught in pool’s drain. The little one, who nearly drowned from being underwater too long, was given CPR onsite and rushed to the hospital where he was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Usher was not present during the time of the incident.

Usher and Tameka wed in 2007, and welcomed the birth of  Usher V in November of the same year. The couple divorced in 2009, and Tameka was awarded limited custody of her and Usher’s two sons in 2012.

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  1. I think this is horrible! Tameka you where not with your son when he was injured, then died! It would be cold & heartless to say that your a bad parent because of a tragic accident. Usher is leaving to make $ & need to leave them in others care… You let someone besides their dad take them to the lake… So he suppose to be a bad parent because he left the kids AT HIS HOUSE in someone else’s care , but you left your kids at someone else’s house & your son dies…how are you talking about this man?!? The judge did the right thing!

  2. So many people on here must be personal friends or relatives of Tameka/Usher. Throwing around all the BS about Tameka as if its the gospel truth.

    Give her kids back to her. Hes a entertainer not a full time parent.

  3. She lost custody the first time because she had a VIOLENT confrontation in front of her children with Usher’s new girlfriend. Plus she continued to harass Usher and his new girlfriend the judge told her she has issues and she should settle them first.

    This accident isn’t the first time, I remember a news article about a little girl drowning by getting stuck in the drainage of her family pool. This is a big problem for pool owners so he is NOT at fault and he will not lose custody.

    Tameka needs to settle her issues with Usher first before she gets her kids back. She needs to move on with her life find happiness with a man that will actually love you.

    • Usher not to blame?? He plays a big part in it even though he wasn’t in the home. Come on he should of had proper supervision for his kids Obviously the aunt & the nanny didn’t take safety classes incase of emergencies like this & simular. So many questions need answering, where were the aunt & nanny when this 5 year old child was in the pool? Pool side? Usher should of had proper grill covers over the drain at the bottom of his pool. The pool should have been off limits if they weren’t going to be monitored in the pool properly. Just think if the 2 contractors wasn’t there at the time that little boy would have died.

  4. Tameka and Ryan have always shared joint custody of their children (now child). I don’t see the big deal of her having the boys when he has to work instead of a nanny/family member watching them. I mean either way if they are with a nanny or a family member while he works (he’s not there anyway so why not let her have them). Accidents happen and that is just what this was, an unfortunate accident.

    Maybe she didn’t file for sole custody for her other child with Ryan because he’s there majority of the time he has him unlike the claim she makes that Usher is away from their children 85% of the time they are with him.

  5. It is a big deal that the babies arm got stuck in the drain and he almost drowned. But she seems like a sitting duck, waiting for something to happen so that she can go for the gold. I just feel that she shouldve been fight for custody allthe time Usher had the kids. I think this is a ploy for money. Thank God the kid is still alive unlike the son that was in her custody!!!!!!!

  6. True that she is grieving, but I do find her timing suspicious, as well as her EXTREME desire to parent the money-kids as well as keep her Bloomingdale’s card active as a point in her divorce settlement. She could have raised 3 boys LONG before she had Usher V, but she chose not to. Now, it’s urgent!!! Okay.

  7. My heart really breaks for her and I can’t imagine how she must be feeling. I think she’s reacting out of fear though (understandably so). I highly doubt the judge will grant her request as there (seemingly) was no negligence. Although he’s famous, he still has to have a job to support his family. From what I understand, he was actually in town working and was able to rush right home. Unfortunately, accidents happen. I hope they settle this amicably for the sake of the children.

  8. She says he was not being supervised, but the aunt managed to see him right away, and summon the help to save him. If he had not been supervised closely, time would have slipped away so quickly, there would have been no chance of saving him. In other words, if someone had not really been watching him, he would have been dead by the time they found him. And wasn’t their father close enough to home to where he was able to ride with him to the hospital. She should know not be complaining about proper supervision because when her other son got seriously hurt, wasn’t she in another state? That just goes to show you no matter how hard you try to protect your kids, accidents will happen rather you’re there or not. As parents we try and do the best for our kids and protect them. She’s acting as though he purposely put him in harms way. She needs to be grateful his aunt and others were there and got to him in enough time. She needs to learn to count her blessings and stop being so vindictive.

  9. I doubt she’ll be awarded temporary custody based on this incident, but I don’t blame her for trying to get her babies back! I would do the same. They shouldn’t have been taken from her in the first place since there haven’t been any claims of abuse or neglect or denying Usher visitation. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why other women dislike Tameka so much. She’s never been “good enough” for Usher and she’s been catching heck since she first started dating him.

    • Prob because her mother raised the first son. When she cheated and ran off with Usher whom she worked for since he was 15, betraying his mother and her husband, she left her two boys with their dad without a fight. So why now with the last two is she so determined to be mom of the year? I do feel her pain, and if these incidents have awoken her maternal instincts I’m happy for her but be reasonable.

      • My comment is in moderation, but I said something like that. Her mom raised her first son, her ex-husband is raising the middle two (now one) but she MUST fight with all she has to raise the last two? This is my main issue with her. Show the same sentiment with all your children, not just the ones connected to $$$.

        • I’m still trying to figure out how you all know so much about her – who raised her children and custody arrangements with her ex? I’ve seriously never heard these things from a reputable source. So how do you know these things to be true about Tameka?

          • Ryan has primary residential custody just like Usher. Who do you think was watching her boys while she was jetting around with Usher? Ryan had a nanny and then later his wife.The lifestyle was fine as long as she was with Usher. Now it’s a problem. If you remember Usher relaxed his custody after her son died, but she refused saying she wanted full custody from him, but the tables turned and she lost custody. Why do you keep saying he took her to court? She instigated all the custody actions.

    • PlainMean, I couldn’t care less who Usher married. My annoyance with Tameka started when I found out she had 3 boys prior to having Cinco. Not once while she was dating Usher was she ever pictured with her three boys. In fact, if it wasn’t for the birth of Cinco, I wouldn’t have seen pictures of them. They are all her children, Usher walked into a package; they all should have been pictured with her when she took a picture. Each time you see her, you should see them, unless it’s an adult only thing. She didn’t blink an eye to leave her eldest with her mom & the middle two with their dad & step-mom while she paraded around being Usher’s main thing. That was when my dislike for her started.

      • Y’all just shed a whole lot of light on the situation for me. I usually base my comments off of how I feel as a mother but there is ALWAYS another side to the story. Still hurt for her as a mother, but until now I couldn’t understand why he was awarded custody.

  10. It’s no secret I do not like this woman, however my heart aches for her to have to go through a near drowning only a year after she lost her son on a lake. It’s just not fair.

    That being said, I didn’t hear her blaming Kile’s father when Kile had his accident. Cinco was not in the pool alone, he was being supervised by a relative, nanny & maid. Heck, Usher could have been right there & it still could have happened. Tameka could have been right there & it would have still happened. It’s an accident. No matter what she thinks, she cannot prevent accidents from happening to children. It’s impossible. And her lying behind saying she wont leave them with caregivers; please, she will not, can’t not watch them 24/7.

    She needs to go somewhere & get her mind right.

  11. Ms Foster needs to stop. She act as if she at home in a corner. Ms.Foster stay on a vacation . Looking at her Instagram you can’t tell if she has any children . And I think that a women who has several children that are not in her Custody said enough.

    • It is probably a way for her to cope from not having her kids at her home for 15 days out of each month and all because Usher doesn’t want to pay child support! She is a great mom!

      • The last two aren’t in the home for ’15 days out of the month’ as you say. But what about her other one, Kile’s brother? She can’t spend time with him? Is she showing how she’s coping by leaving him, willingly, with his dad & step-mom? If Tameka only had her eldest, now an adult, & Usher’s boys, she may get a pass but she has ONE more son who she rarely spends time with. Who is seeing her fight like crazy to have the last two with her but not him nor his brother when he was alive. I can’t get with that.

        • My comment is in the BCK dark pit, so ill try again. You speak very surely about who has Tameka’s children. How do you know these things?

          • You don’t remember her interview in Essence when it came out Usher’s mother didn’t want them to get married? Not one mention of her other sons, just she has children. Then the interview she gave to some magazine after she & Usher broke up? In it she said her eldest was raised by her mom because she was so young. She also said she shares custody with Kile’s father but he had residential custody, meaning the boys live with him. On here the majority of the comments said they didn’t know she had 5 boys. How about other news articles that ran stories about her & Usher? My most important question, when did you ever see her pictured with her other sons prior to her & Usher having children? In all the articles I read, not once. I couldn’t care less how old she is, how many children she had, how good she was for Usher. I do care about her being featured all over the world with Usher & never seeing her with her children. That is my issue with her. Your children comes first, no matter what, when, where or who.

  12. She just lost a son last year and almost lost another…… My heart aches for her and as a mother I believe I would have done the same. If she can provide more structure and supervision in her home then why not? It’s about the well being of the children.

  13. Omg, why do you people continue to say that Tameka does not have custody of her older boys?!?! She has joint custody with her ex-husband Ryan Glover! Why won’t that rumor go away? And if she doesn’t have custody of her older son, SO WHAT?!?! He’s a teen and he needs his father’s guidance. Cinco and Navyid are babies who need their mother’s nurturing. If Usher is away being a celebrity, then unless Tameka is abusive or neglectful, why can’t/shouldn’t she have her children??? Prior to him taking her to court, Usher already spent plenty of time with his boys – so much so that many of you SWORE he already had custody of them. So it didn’t appear that she had a problem allowing him visitation. I don’t understand why he felt the need to take them from her. Women have been attacking this woman since she first started dating Usher because for some reason she’s never been viewed as good enough. It baffles me!

  14. This woman is unbelievable. I wonder if she went to see her son first or rush to the court before they closed to file these papers. Like really? The SAME DAY?! Custody would have been the FURTHEST thing from my mind that night. First priorty, My Son. I’m curious to know why she didn’t file for custody of her other sons after Kile died. Why does it seem to come across like she care about these two more than her other children? Is it the money that comes with them, Usher or both. Tameka, accidents happen.

    • It’s likely her attorney filed the papers for her, so I doubt she had to “rush to the court before they closed”.

      • But she made that phone call to her attorney(s) though. The child isn’t even out of the hospital or ICU yet. Hell, the accident happened around 6pm, don’t courts close before then?

        • That’s the point of an “emergency hearing”! It’s done in a rush, in the case of an emergency. You don’t wait until the child is out of the hospital to do it. Waiting means its not an emergency.

          • But the hearing is not until Friday, though. Plus there isn’t a single thing that could be done while he’s still in the hospital. I’m sorry but I do not see why she felt the need to rush & file an emergency hearing. So who is going to remain in the hospital with Cinco while both his parents are in court on Friday?

  15. “Tameka wants decision-making power over the children’s education, healthcare, religion and extracurricular activities.”

    Religion?! What kinda mess is Usher into?! smh

  16. I find it unsettling that at the first sign of an incident something like this occurs where you are at risk at loosing your child. They are young, accidents happen from time as it will continue to occur through life. It’s like living on egg shells, anything can cause an accident. Should he fear providing any type of entertainment for fear of a custody battle? She is just acting childish, I can understand the fear of harm coming to your child but he is fine, rejoice and enjoy him more since you know things like this can happen. Be happy and share good times don’t put the children through another battle where they have to go from house to house. Give them stability. I can’t believe how she reacted since something frighteningly similar occurred to her. She wasn’t there also, did people blame her? No. She should let it go. It is not like he left the child alone to fend for himself, he has to work to support them. He left him in someone he thought he could trust care. It could happen to anyone, and she being in a similar position at one time should empathize, not antagonize. Just try to stick in their life and try to live in peace with Usher, maybe he may slacken what ever restrictions he may have if he forms a friendly bond with you. That won’t happen if you start a battle at the drop of the hat.

    • I agree 100% Let the Record Show. I think this is a time for coming together as parents, instead Tameka is trying to degrade Usher’s Character as a Father. Accidents happen, she should know that…Look what happened just last year to Kyle!! Let’s say she does get the kids and God forbid something else happens…Then what!! I honestly think she is using these kids a leverage. If she gets them, then I can see the headings now “Tameka Goes to Court for More Money” or “Tameka has Primary Custody, so her Kids have to Maintain a Certain Lifestyle”. She just needs to let them kids be, and learn how to Co-Parent….! Her character is showing just how bitter she is as a woman. I get those are her kids too, but come on now…

  17. I was afraid this would happen. But….. can you blame her? She’s still in mourning over Kile’s tragic death, and now this. I don’t see or know WHY they don’t have 50/50 custody! I’ve never heard that she’s an unfit mother. Her other son’s seem to be just fine.

    She has a right, as well as a point: that when Usher’s away on business, SHE probably SHOULD have the boys.

    This is truly bad timing for Usher, but….. he showed little mercy for her when he finally gained primary custody during the time that her son died last year. He didn’t bother to postpone the case, cancel it, or sympathize with her by allowing for more visitation rights with the boys. He seems to be holding 85% of the cards.

    I don’t know ANY of these people, but Usher does seem to be a GOOD father to his boys, but NOT excellent, because he’s keeping them from a closer relationship with their mother.

    Just my thought, I hope I haven’t offended anyone.

  18. I feel for her she just lost a son a year ago to a water accident and now this. I think that she has every right to file for custody of HER kids too. lets remember that usher had her in court right after her son passed away and could of used that accident with Kile to his “advantage” to get custody of the boys. I think kids should have equal time with both parents! this is all just MY Opinion!

  19. I understand this could have happened to anyone, but I think during the times that Usher is not home(working) the kids should be with their mother. I can understand Tameka being worried she just lost a child which I hear is the worst feeling ever. I’m not a fan of Tameka and her antics, I just think she needs all of her children around her right now.

    P.S. don’t bite my head off its just my thoughts.

  20. Well it’s clear she is rolling with this incident which could have happened to anyone. Granted, if Usher is out of town that much, then maybe they do need to reside with a parent who can be there with them more.

    Although it’s sad to hear of this incident, It sounds clear to me that it was just an unfortunate situation and he was indeed supervised. Even on the news, they mentioned how powerful those drains could be. Usher can easily fix that issue and they can move on. No need to drag each other back to court.

    • I, too, agree with you. “Maybe”, they could work something out that when he’s traveling or out of town, they could be with heir Mom. Especially if they reside in the same city and the kids can go to the same schools, etc. It was an “accident”, one I would not wish on anybody, but thank God there were people there to help, and he will be okay. I, too, believe that maybe the custody thing was a lawyer move, I’m sure after losing one child to another accident, her only concern at the time was her baby! What really needs to happen is something with those pools, it has to be something that can cover those things!!! This happens all to often!!!

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