Rapper Nas has raised more than $40,000 for a single father with eight kids. “I am also a single father, and we don’t get enough credit in this country. I’m committed to helping Stanley and his eight (yes 8!) kids,” says the star in a statement released to the press.

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You can still help Stanley Young. Head to CrowdTilt.com.

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  1. Hey Oxford! So that’s who Connie is. I recognize Eyob but not Connie. Ooops. Thx for the clarification sweetie.

  2. No take backs Laila. When you honestly speak your mind, stand by your statement. North is not a bad name. I know a North (mothers maiden name) but it’s a male and his last name is not another direction. Naming a child North when the last name is West sounds stupid. Kanye could have used the opportunity to honor his mother instead of making a papishow of himself. Stupid is as stupid does.

  3. Anyone remember the woman crying on the bus that they raised $600 K for? Wish we coukd raise that much money for peooke who are truly struggling..

  4. Touching story, thumbs up Nas.

    My contribution has been made…..the support extends from here in the UK

    The Young family are in my prayers and I wish them all the best x

  5. That’s nice of Nas and all, but didn’t nobody tell this man to be diving unprotected 8 different times and he knew he could not support neither of the fish that were swimming(just to keep it P-G)

    • The father resides at a hotel because his place burned down in a fire and his wife just passed away a year ago so its not that he had kids and couldnt take care of them its the fact that hes going through some tough times right now and its not his fault..

  6. Take 3…

    That was so nice of Nas to help this father out! He has a big heart. He will be blessed for the kindness he has shown.

  7. May God bless Nas & Mr. Young. Single dad of 8..wow.

    Laila Ali doesn’t need to apologize, North West is truly a stupid name..the truth is the truth.

    Not understanding the link about Connie Britton, did she adopt, use invitro, get a surrogate???

  8. I donated $10 (all I could afford) last night and it was over $52,000 then. God bless Nas for starting the campaign and bless that father and his kids. I hope they are able to use that money to get them a permanent place to live?

  9. I’m glad I read the article on the dad of 8 before I commented. I was ready to go in! I’m glad he is getting help. He’s going to need a lot more help too.

    I agree with Laila, but I still think she was out of line. North West will be just fine with her crazy name because she’s Kim and Kanye’s baby.

    I like Robin Thicke and Paula Patton. She acts classy in public for the most part, but I think she’s probably a weed smoking, cocaine sniffing, drinking, person like him. She seemed a bit intoxicated at the BET awards.

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