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K. Michelle is gearing up for the debut of her own show and it will certainly feature her son, Chase. The reality star recently got candid about her family during a talk on her website saying, “I don’t bring my son into media. [But in] teaming with VH1 to do my own show, you will get to see more of Chase.”

K. Michelle with son Chase

K. Michelle with son Chase

Michelle also talked about her experience on ‘Love &  Hip Hop’ in relation to her family. “I didn’t feel like [the show] was a platform for children,” said the artist

of the famous reality show. “[Chase] is not even allowed to watch it. I don’t speak on him a lot because until now, he didn’t like people taking pictures of me. He just wanted me.”

Although she hasn’t brought him into the spotlight much, K. Michelle has expressed a lot of love and affection for her son through music. The artist wrote and performed a song called, ‘A Mother’s Prayer’ for Chase which talks about a parent’s struggle with being away from their child for extended periods of time. “I wrote that from my child and I did it and let him hear it for his birthday and he was like, ‘My mama wrote me a song. The song was about me.’ A lot of mothers will completely understand where i am coming from,” explained the artist of her song.

K. Michelle and Chase will be featured in their own reality show soon enough. For now, the recording artist will star on the upcoming season of ‘Love & Hip Hop New York.’

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  • K. Michelle with son Chase
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  3. I cant wait for her show. The girl in the picture is her sister. She is always showing her off on Instagram. Very pretty girl. So Im assuming for her show its her family which is awesome. And Chase is very handsome…he has his mothers Smile…Beautiful.

    And that Mothers Prayer song is beautiful….

    • She’s from Love & Hip Hop ATL…and she’s getting her own show because they’re trying to make her like another Keyshia Cole. Remember the “The Way It Is”? K. Michelle is doing the exact same thing

      • So uncalled for. As the aunt of an autistic child, I would like you to say that around anyone with an autistic child and see if you don’t come out with a broken face. It’s always easy to hide behind a computer screen.
        Smh and autistic children can be VERY talented in different aspects. They may not be “normal” but they’re quite amazing. I’d like to see you accomplish half of what some of them have.

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