Katherine Jackson has not stopped grieving since the day that her son, Michael Jackson, died suddenly. The mother of the King of Pop and grandmother of his children recently shared her pain with Hello! magazine.

“There’s not a day goes by that I don’t think about him; when I don’t shed a tear,” said Mrs. Jackson to the media source. “[Michael] was a very good father, the best. He was a good son, too.”

Katherine also talked about her granddaughter Paris’ suicide attempt a few months back that had the family and masses of Michael Jackson fans on edge. “She is doing much better,” explained the family matriarch. “The treatment is going good, really good. She’s my baby. It’s hard for me, really hard. All I wanted [was] these kids to be is happy. The night Michael died Paris was crying and said, ‘I want to go and see daddy; I don’t want to be without him.'”

Mrs. Jackson described the Jackson kids’ personality and character traits saying, “They are incredibly polite and that’s down to the way Michael brought them up. He instilled good manners but it’s a different generation, of course, and I don’t understand the whole social media thing. They are always on their phones.”

Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009 in his Holmby Hills home. Paris, Prince, and Blanket are his kids.




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  1. I feel really bad for Michael’s kids. I hope they can be strong and be happy. I hope they grown up to be whatever they want and I hope the media and the fans are easy on them and dont beat them down. It’s got to be hard to lose a parent, but to lose your only parent in front of the world, then be ridiculed by the public cant be easy.

    Michael was smart to hide his kids’ faces. Too bad his family didn’t keep that going.

  2. How brokenhearted was Katherine when she allowed her domineering selfish mean greedy husband to beat and control her children? While she stood by and did nothing. I have nothing but contempt for women like this. No wonder all her kids are so dysfunctional. You can tell by the way they all talk softly more like whispers that they wasn’t allowed to speak freely. Waking kids up at 2am in the morning to perform for friends. Beating them if they missed a step or a word in the song. Now look at your kids and imagine letting someone treat them this way for years. Maybe its not easy raising them because they know what she allowed to happen to their dad. My aunt by marriage been married to my uncle for 47 yrs. Not once in those 47 yrs have he taken her out to a restaurant. Not only does he mistreat her, she allows him to mistreat their 12yr old grandson. Whom mom is deceased and dad in jail. You gonna let a grown man tell your grandchild, his grandchild, that he is stupid, useless, retarded and cuss words I can’t even use up here. She have the nerve to tell me this then in the next breath talk lovingly about their 47 yrs of married. I told her I have no respect for her and if I see or hear him doing it, I’m calling cps. Now you see why I have no respect for women like this.

  3. What about all those grandparents who are raising their own grandchildren. Don’t forget TJ her grandson is helping her raising the kids. Besides, only grandchild that really needs to be looked after is Michael (aka Blanket) he’s still the youngest of the bunch. Prince is almost out of school, I know Prince needs to be looked after to keep him on the right track but he’s driving know and has a new girlfriend. On the other hand Paris needs someone to keep an eye on her to make sure everything is ok, she still young and I hope as she gets older she would be able to take good care of her self and keep on the right path.

  4. Tbh, I think Katherine is mentally incapable of raising young three kids.I don’t doubt that she love her grandchildren and want what’s best for them. However We have to remember that She is still grieving heavily and a broken heart raises unhappy children..Paris suicide attempt proves that.

  5. Katherine is a GOOD mother and she tried to do her best but I have to agree, she is too old. She need to be resting and enjoying her time as a older woman (stress free). Its just too bad that there isn’t anyone in the Jackson family that is sane and stable in their life to raise these three children. I hope for the best for all three. It is difficult to lose a parent as a child.

  6. Katherine is too old to be raising these kids smh I hope Paris develops a good relationship with her mother.

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