Congratulations to Blake Griffin and Brynn Cameron who welcomed a son into the world a few days ago. The Los Angeles Times reports,

“Clippers All-Star forward Blake Griffin announced on Monday that he and former USC basketball player Brynn Cameron have a baby boy named Ford Wilson Cameron-Griffin. ‘We are very happy to have a healthy baby, but respectfully request to keep our personal affairs private and let us focus on parenting our son,’ Griffin said in a statement to The Times.”

Ford is Blake and Cameron’s first child together. Griffin came to the Los Angeles ‘Clippers’ in 2009 after playing basketball in college at Oklahoma. Brynn Cameron, who is a former USC ‘Trojans’ b-ball player, has a son by NFL QB Matt Leinart.




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  1. the picture is misleading at best. a black kid looking angry at the quadroon who had a baby with the white girl. so the child will be 1/16th black and the picture zooms in on the adorable black little boy who is irrelevant to the story…. come on now. did you think no one would click without the black child on the frame? dont mislead the viewers….

    • There is no such thing as a “quadroon” that’s a term from slavery that only Hispanics use. Blake’s dad is black and regardless if they are 1/4th, or 1/2 we welcome him in and love all of our children.

  2. Dude only made the announcement because TMZ found out and published it. Blake & Brynn aren’t even together any more. It’s a shame people don’t think before they act!

  3. “If you don’t have anything NICE to say then don’t say nothing at all”…. and I’ma leave it at that.

  4. he’s gonna wish he wore a condom now. she’s already getting 15k a month for the 1st child now it’s gonna double.

    • More then double, she wont “need” a job for quite awhile. The support will be based on both incomes, and it’s not hard to see what he makes (goggle it), and his will surely give her a nice chunk of change. SMH, I hope “it” was worth it, babies are innocent and don’t ask to come here, and don’t choose their parents!!! For some reason I thought, knowing his worth, he’d look at all the others before him and be different, jokes on me!

  5. She will get thousands more for the second child. Ballers should consider vasectomies until their playing days are over, the operation is reversible. She is the personification of predatory gold digger.

  6. Hahaha at that picture. Congrats to Blake, but man you got caught like Dwight did lol. Aw well hehe. I find this funny for some reason

  7. These women are nothing more than professional baby mama targeting dumb promiscuious ballers to get paid but these guys will never learn.

  8. Ballers need to keep a cap on it I heard his folks were angry about this because they raised him better. Before his career is over he will probably have children all over the place because women target these guys for being stupid and promiscuious.

  9. Blake fell for thee ol ookie dook! Brynn knows how to trap a baller! Sounds similar to Kenyon Martin’s new baby mother.

  10. By a blond bimbo who also had a child by a hockey player and gets close to 2o thousand a month in child support. Now Blake is on the hook for the next 21 years.

    • That’s the brothers for you…they are all captain save a you know what…my grand dad use to tell us kids, when you find an j-ass you ride it…the black man has been found out to be an ass for non-black, mostly white women Why shouldn’t they ride their sorry behinds…go get you alimony, mansions, cars and child support girls…yes I’m sure to get thumbs down from the delusional black females who will never call out the black man’s dislike for self.

      • Its a saying you also hear in the islands….when you find a jack *ss, you ride it. The first baby daddy is a very attractive older guy, Blake not at all. At least she made sure both kids names incorporated hers.

        • I don’t believe she did . I think her first son Cole’s middle name is Cameron and his last name is Leinart.

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