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It’s pumpkin patch time and Nahla enjoyed every moment of it with her bonus dad Olivier Martinez on Monday (October 7). The little one walked and slid on the slide as Olivier stood by to ensure that she had a wonderful time. Nahla was sure to get her face painted, and pick out the perfect pumpkin before leaving with Martinez arm-in-arm. The 5-year-old spent quality time with her father later that day, touring the city while holding Gabriel Aubry’s hand.

Halle and Olivier welcomed a son into the world on Saturday, October 5, 2013. Although the couple initially held out on naming their newborn, they eventually decided to call him Maceo Robert Martinez. A close family friend tells¬†E!¬†that the name was chosen “because it means gift from God.”

Berry gave Nahla her name after birthing her in 2008, telling media that such method of naming after delivery was the best way to choose the right identity. “For us it was hard to name the most important person in our life until we met her,” said Halle after giving birth.

Olivier and Halle wed earlier this year with Nahla by their side. Maceo is their first child together.



Photos: Fameflynet

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  1. Must be nice to be hands on with another man’s child you despise. Yet have you newborn son all to yourself. Karma is a mofo, what goes around comes around. Nothing wrong with Nahla hair…..that’s the beauty of having beautiful hair.

  2. It’s interesting how Nahla’s hair is never or barely combed and there’s never any commentary, but let little Blue come outside and people are ready to hang Beyonce KKK style. Not trying to stir anything up. Just an observation. I guess it goes back to the good hair vs. bad hair psychosis. In any case, cute pictures!

    • I notice that as well, but I think it is just simply b/c alot of people despise Beyonce for some reason. So any little thing they can find to say about her or her child they will. She could take a pic with her hair combed and people still find something negative to say.

      • I also agree. But……. any dislike for Beyonce’ PALES in comparison for the torrential hatred aimed at Halle. It’s very troublesome. None of us KNOW Halle or Beyonce’, but too many people slander them on rumors and word of mouth …. alone. :-(.

      • To Danielle you know Blue does not have the same hair type as Nahla. Nahla’s hair does not look bad if it’s not combed/brushed but Blue’s does.

    • Does Nahla’s hair not look combed in the photos posted above? LOL! Am I missing something? Nahla’s hair is curly and when playing all day, it’s bound to look frizzy. Nahla’s hair is always done in ponytails or a ponytail. There’s NO comparison to Blue and Nahla. Blue’s hair looked dry and matted.

      • I think what they are trying to say is that people have a complex about kinky hair. To you, Blue’s hair looked matted but to others it just looks natural. Natural kinky hair tends to matte up a bit but thats beautiful. An afro with absolutely no curls is beautiful. Blue’s hair is not as curly as Nahla’s so of course it is going to look different. People just need to realize the beauty in black people. Like for instance, Nahla would not be so darn cute if she was not part black. She would just look plain caucasion if her mother was not Halle Berry. African Americans are the most beautfiul people on earth!

        • No Matter how Blue’s hair looks…… Matted or whatever……. She will have thick long beautiful hair that will NOT require a weave when she gets older. Look at how long Beyonces hair was in her documentary as a child.

          God give the babies hair a break!!!!!!

    • You must be new to this site because when Nahla was younger (a year or two ago) all people did was comment on her hair. They use to criticize Halle because to them it didn’t looked combed or it was always tussled and had fly aways hanging from her head. So it’s not that people has chosen one child over another because of so called good hair. They just moved on just like they’ll move on from Blu when another child comes along!

  3. Nahla looks so cute/w her paint of choice.. And such a BIG smile. She was having a BLAST!! Once again, I love baby bros name. Very fitting!

    • I really dislike the name Maceo. But he’s not my son and he’ll NO DOUBT possess adorability enough to make me change my mind. Can’t wait for photo’s.

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