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This article first appeared on 9/25/13:

Oxygen fans are gearing up for an exciting lineup of shows this fall that includes the much anticipated docu-series, Preachers of L.A. The new series will take viewers inside the lives of six of the most celebrated pastors in Los Angeles, allowing the public to witness the height and depth of their ministries.


Pastor Chaney and Family

Noel Jones and Clarence McClendon are two of three bishops participating in the series, giving viewers a glimpse of what it’s like to hold one of the most respected positions within the church realm. McClendon is succinct when he offers insight into being both a father and a preacher. “Both are things for which I have to ask for and depend on the Wisdom of God,” explains the bishop. “Both being a father and a preacher are a natural outgrowth of my life. Neither of them are professions, and therefore, I simply attempt to give my undivided attention where it is needed, when it is needed.”

TRAILER: Watch The Trailer For Preachers Of LA Now.

While Bishop McClendon gives attention when and where necessary, Bishop Noel Jones relies on his family’s unconditional love to get him through the rough spots that come along with being in the public eye. “It is very difficult to balance being a father and preacher,” says Jones.  “My most cherished family value is the unconditional love we have for each other in spite of popularity and public scrutiny, the two worlds are separate.”

Deitrick Haddon and Pastor Wayne Chaney will also be featured on Preachers of L.A. as young men of the cloth. Although adversity is great, Pastor Wayne and his family are able to maintain a balance through consistency. “We try, to our best ability, to live without duplicity,” explains the pastor. “So whether in public or private, scrutinized or celebrated we try to remain consistent; building our value system based on God’s word and attempting to allow God’s opinion of us to eclipse the critics.”

Pastor Haddon also weighs in on being both a man of the cloth and father saying, “They are both rewarding. It’s not a difficult balance because they both require leadership, and I’m a natural born leader. My most cherished value is togetherness and loyalty. Spending time together and being loyal are high on my family value list.”

Bishop Ron Gibson, who views his and wife LaVette’s congregation as “spiritual children,” and Pastor Jay Haizlip will also be featured on the show. Preachers of L.A. will make its debut on Wednesday, October 9, 2013 at 10/9c on Oxygen.






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  1. I will have to watch some more but right now I dont know how I feel about it. I do like Deitrick though b/c I felt like he was telling like it was and they didn’t like that.

  2. Watched the show and I was disgusted. Some pastors are more about their money and putting on a show and I think these are some perfect examples of that. I hope no one watching actually think this is how pastors should be behaving.

  3. I read that one of these Bishops & his children’s mother are “living together” w/o the benefit of marriage and he wants more children, but he’s never asked her to marry him yet.

    • What congregation appoints a man who isn’t married, has a child, is cohabiting, wants more children all w/o plans of being married as their leader? How is that setting standards? How can you preach to me when you are living in the opposite way?

  4. Actually it makes perfect sense for Pastors whose sole calling is to spread the Gospel to have a reality show. The point is to minister to all and reality shows are all the craze right now. Sounds like some people only think reality shows should be ratchet.

  5. Okay so I’m not about to act like I didn’t watch Mary Mary or The Sheards. But first we have “Preacher’s Daughter’s” now this? Reality television has went by far off the hedges! It’s like any body can have their own reality show’s now. I don’t know what to say about this.

  6. One thing u don’t play with is God! I hope these pastors r truly sincere in this show. God shouldn’t be made a mockery of. Why do pastors need a reality show anyway?

    • Why do the Kardashians need a show? In fact why does anyone need a reality show?
      I’ll watch first before judging it, b/c people who may be lost might stumble upon this and get changed. You never know

        • I said I’ll watch before judging. I didn’t say YOU were judging. Many people are putting this show down without giving it a chance. I’m willing to give it a chance and not assume

      • Neonlove, I know God uses people & things to reach others, but I highly doubt these preachers will reach anyone sitting on the couch. I can’t with this foolery.

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