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Peterson kisses son Adrian Jr, first thought to be the 2-year-old victim

Minnesota Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson is mourning the death of his 2-year-old son, the victim of alleged abuse by a man dating the boy’s mother, sources say.

NFL superstar Adrian Peterson’s son has died at a South Dakota hospital after he was allegedly beaten by the boy’s mother’s boyfriend, according to multiple reports.

The all-world running back was absent from Minnesota Vikings practice on Thursday to be in Sioux Falls, S.D., Stu Whitney of the Argus Leader reported Thursday.

It was first reported the victim was his 2-year-old, Adrian Jr., but the Nelson Peterson, the running back’s father, said it was another one of Adrian’s children, who is also 2.

“We are asking for prayers and for respect for our family as deal with this tragic situation,” Nelson Peterson told former Vikings reporter Sean Jensen.
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Joseph Patterson, 27, has been charged with aggravated felony assault and battery of an infant after he allegedly gave Peterson’s son “severe head injuries.” According to the report, law enforcement and emergency responders arrived at the apartment where Peterson’s son lives at 5:46 p.m. on Wednesday and found the child unresponsive. He was taken to a nearby hospital, where doctors determined his injuries were consistent with abuse.(Read More)

Peterson is also father to a daughter named Adeja and Adrian Jr(pictured above).

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  3. The mum’s name is Ann Doohen. The child’s name is Ty Doohen. RIP little fellow, hope the ones that did this to you BURN IN HELL!!

    • The mother deserves blame for putting her son through this when all she had to do was a simple background check. Yes men who have been in prison deserve a second chance, but with someone else, not a woman with children. I’m so irked at this chick.

      • Makes me so angry, a real mum puts her child’s needs first, not her own. Shame Mr. Peterson met his child for the first time in the ICU. At least they donated his organs to help other children. In defense of Mr. Peterson, he did not know this child existed until recently and he didn’t even ask for a DNA test. He told the mum he would give her whatever she needed for the child. The mum deserves NO sympathy. Sorry if that makes me seem heartless.

      • He was abusing the mother as well! I believe he was arrested twice for laying hands on her, yet she still left him alone w/ her son smh

  4. adrian peterson is prob happy he doesnt have to pay child support anymore.the way he was smiling during tht unneccessary press conference was ridiculous.i wonder if he will make it to his son’s funeral.The whole situation is just sad.

    • I just know you are not placing blame on anyone but the monster who did this to an innocent child & his idiot mother. Adrian doesn’t have any blame in this event.

    • Adrian didn’t know about this son, he recently found out less than 3 months ago. He hadn’t had a chance to pay child support nor meet him. There wasn’t a bond between them, they didn’t know each other. How would you expect him to act? When my step-brother notified me my bio-father died, I said sorry for your loss & hung up. I cried more when I found my next door neighbor dead. 90% blame goes to that monster & 10% goes to child’s mother for being a fool.

  5. How could someone do that to a child? That monster deserves the chair for killing a child. For what? Crying for his mommy? Not going to the potty? Not falling asleep on demand?

    My heartfelt condolences to Adrian Peterson and the baby’s mother.

  6. I’m so sorry little angel. Sorry for your pain, sorry you were not protected. Rest in peace. You are not in pain anymore.

  7. Bck Please fix the story. The Baby in the picture is his other son Adrian Jr. not the baby that died. He never met the baby that died. There are pictures of that baby on another site.

  8. Throw the mother in jail as well. She put her child in danger by having him around an abusive man. She should be charged w/ child endangerment. Im so tired of these women leaving their babies w/ men they are just sleeping with, knowing these men dont care about these kids. I hear too many of these kind of stories. RIP to the little guy

    • So sad he never got to meet his son. He just found out about the kid 3 months ago. He probably could have saved the baby from that stupid woman & her evil boyfriend smh

      • Word is the woman had another man believing he was the father. It wasn’t until they broke up & she took him for child support that a DNA test was done & found he was not the father. She notified Adrian & another DNA test was done proving he was the father. At that time she was dating this new guy & recently moved in with him. Within a few months (less than 3), her son was dead. Adrian did not know about his son, the other gentleman who raised the baby as his own, also lost a son. The woman is a garden tool, and a low self-esteem idiot.

  9. My heart breaks for this baby. Mom should of did a background check on any man to brought into her child’s life. My heart weeps for this innocent baby’s life taken by a monster!

  10. I think that the mother MUST go to prison also! This is as much HER FAULT as it is the murderers fault. And I hope that Mr. Peterson has learned a lifelong lesson from this unthinkable event and will keep his pants zipped. Sooooooo very, very, very sad.

  11. I don’t give a crap if that was his secret or well publicized son, the man who did this to that precious baby deserves to go straight to hell. I’m so upset at the child’s mother. How do you move in with a man you just met, whose ex-wife & ex-girlfriend both have a restraining order against, who hit you with a metal bar and gave you a black eye yet you leave your son alone with this stranger?! Are women that hard up to have a man in their bed?! A simple online background check is free. My heart breaks for the this lil boy. All the pain & suffering he went through. :’-(

  12. This story is a little confusing because he has a son named Adrian Peterson Jr. who is 2, with his fiancee and he did not die but he has another 2 year old child by another woman and that child died.

    Smh, this is sad, this is not the only mother and child he has been charged with abusing and may he rot in hell!!!

  13. I don’t really watch football so I was unaware of him, but it doesn’t matter this is horrible news! A lot of people are walking around in this world just heartless! God bless him and his family and may his son rest in heaven!

    Just sad. :(

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