Feeling a little shy around Oprah, Julian? We completely understand! Julian Thicke, along with his dad Robin Thicke, recently caught up with media mogul Oprah. Find out why on today’s edition of A Celebrity Baby Blog Party.

Robin Thicke is featured on Oprah’s Next Chapter [Oprah]

Joseph Robert Patterson has been charged with killing Adrian Peterson’s son [NyDailyNews]

Kim Kardashian takes a bundled-up North to the doctor [Babyrazzi]

Lamar Odom has not been spending much time with his children [Dailymail]

Video: Have you seen 3-year-old Beyoncé Dancer Heaven in action? [BCK]

Malia Obama meets 16-year-old Nobel Peace Prize nominee Malala Yousafzai [Telegraph]

Photo: George Burns/Harpo Productions, Inc.

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  1. I think Julian is so adorable!! I love the bond he has with his dad. You can hear the pride Robin has when he speaks about his son.

    I think Heaven is so adorable!!!

    I hope this man gets what he deserves after cutting that baby’s life short the way that he did.

  2. Julian is a doll!!!! Love how Robin brings little man on as many trips as he can. The bonding time is so very important. After watching Robin on ~Oprah’s Next Chalter~ I love him even more. Robin is very honest/w his answers and it sounds like he and Paula have a very clear understanding of what comes along/w the professions they have chosen. Have to love/hate the media for trying to create chaos SMH

  3. Oprah let Thicke of the hook while putting the blame on Cyrus for the VMA’s. All he had to do was step back a couple of steps when Cyrus started acting so smutty…he didn’t.

    Number three cause of death in children ages one to four is HOMICIDE at the hands of their parents “partner”. BOTH the mum and the boyfriend should be in jail.

    North West going to the doctor in a covered pram? Not newsworthy.

    Saw Heaven King on Ellen, what I liked was not the dancing persay but the bond between her and her mum. They look so in love with each other. Reminds me of my mum and I.

    Hope Malala Yousafzai gets the Nobel prize. She deserves it more than Obama. While he has done plenty AFTER he was in office, just being elected should not have been a qualification for winning the Nobel prize for peace. Its deeds then prize not prize then deeds.

    • Agreed with everything you said Oxford.

      All he had to do was step back a couple of steps when Cyrus started acting so smutty…he didn’t.<——this right here..YES!!!

      Number three cause of death in children ages one to four is HOMICIDE at the hands of their parents “partner”. BOTH the mum and the boyfriend should be in jail.<——-again yes!

      North West going to the doctor in a covered pram? Not newsworthy.<—–speak it young lady!!!!

    • In a way I did not want her to win. She is young, too much expectations will be attached to the prize. Who knows later on she might change her mind on what she wants to do, …it might nit have anything to do with education equality in her country.

      My 5yr old niece asked me a question the other day when she got nominated. She asked, if she was getting the award because she got shot, or because she did some great things. I told her that her getting shot alerted the world to the great thing she was doing…(defying the norm and getting educated” ) Smally, pondered for a while, then she asked me, so what about the other girls who defying the norm, but haven’t gotten shot.

      Agree with you on the Robin Thicke/Miley issue. I will say though that he got off easy because the world has yet to even the playing field for both genders. Men are held to a different standard than women., BOTH of them performed, and while I see NOTHING WRONG with what they did ( they got us all talking about them…Miley is climbing the charts with a critically panned album), I feel they both should bare the negative repercussions

      • Maybe it’s my own value system, maybe it’s the morals and expectations of my family but a married man’s front rubbing up the rear of a woman who is NOT his wife is a turnoff. I am not a prude and I am not being raised by a family of prudes. I’ve seen my parents do WORSE, I’ve seen them getting down in Carnival, seen then in our clubs, turned and walked away when I realized they were in the altogether in the pool and we learned at a very early age…a closed door means knock or you might see something that might scar you for life…HAHA. But my parents were doing it to each other, with each other. Even if it were just a performance…a line was crossed that I’m not comfortable with. They could have been sexy and sensuous without Cyrus grinding her rear into Thicke’s crotch.

        My dad will be 49 next month, my mum is 34 and they have told us when they were young the words *ss and b*tch were not allowed on network telly. They were allowed on pay telly but not free telly. Now you can hear those words on ABC, CBS, NBC. To quote Harrison Wright (on Scandal played by Columbus Short)..”Are we gladiators or are we b*tches?” Funny at the time to me, but since I was going back to school the next day I kept my younger brothers up with me. They are 6,6,3&3, my fault for having them up but in my defense I didn’t expect to hear that. When is enough enough? By the time my brothers get to my age will soft porn be allowed on free telly? We are “good West Indian children”, we see and don’t see, hear and don’t hear and some words only adults are allowed to use them. We know that, but what about all the other kids that are being raised differently?

        That fact that so many people, down to Cyrus’s dad (whom I use to watch play “Doc” on a christian show I watched with my parents) did not have a problem with her performance makes me wonder exactly where our world is going to. Showbiz or not, a married man should not be doing what Thicke did with Cyrus. And yes, I caught the snippet of Thicke’s father Alan and his wife doing a parody of Thicke and Cyrus’s performance. Anything for a pound including the hearts and minds of the future AKA children.

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