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Seventeen-year-old Zendaya Coleman is far from your typical teen celebrity. Not only is she an amazing actress, she is also a successful model, dancer and singer. She recently released her debut album called “Zendaya” and a new book, Between You and Me. She is also starring in the upcoming DCOM movie “Zapped” and wrapping up her last season of “Shake It Up.”

Although Zendaya is quickly becoming a household name, she has always stayed true to herself and her style. She’s done a good job of walking the line of Hollywood starlet and teen girl, not giving in to the pressures of growing up too fast or being someone that she’s not.

We at blackcelebkids.com got a chance to chat exclusively with Zendaya at Planet Hollywood Time Square while she was in town promoting her new book and album this week. Check out the interview with Zendaya below.

Q: Your album released last month. What was the main inspiration behind the album?

A: The inspiration behind it was to be inspiring, if that makes any sense. I wanted to create something that was going to be kind of not expected from me. I wanted people to be impressed. I wanted people to start to understand and respect me as an artist and understand that I was trying to create really quality music that is just as good than anything that is out now.

Q: What’s your favorite song on the album?

A: Other than Replay, I would say Fireflies. It’s very much the style that I’m trying to create in the music lane. Number two would be Heaven Lost An Angel.  I like that song because it has an old school vibe, but it has a Michael Jackson kind of flair. It was originally meant for a guy and we rewrote it.

Q: What’s your favorite piece of clothing from the NFL Tween & Junior Apparel line?

A: Every shirt is cute and feminine and it’s done in a way that you can still represent your favorite team. It’s done in a femine, girly way so we can actually wear it and look good and not worry abut it being big. I like to find all the stuff with my favorite team on it. So all the Raiders stuff, of course.

Q:Do you follow football? Favorite team?

A: I don’t get much time to follow football, but Raiders is a favorite of mine because I am from Oakland. I got to represent the Raiders.

Q: You were recently in ATL singing the National Anthem for the Falcons game, correct? Were you nervous?

A: I get nervous for those, but I think at the end of the day, it’s fun. Once you get up on that stage and you have that moment when you are kind of in the zone, it’s really magical and very special. [You realize] all those people are here [to see you] and you kind of forget about those worries.

Q: Can you tell us about the upcoming DCOM movie Zapped?

A: It’s a very sweet movie and it was done really well. We wanted to kick it up a step and do more, I guess you would call it ‘real acting’. We didn’t want to be super cheesy. We wanted it to be real. The plot sounds weird and it’s a little fantasy, but the way we did it was very real. The plot presents a common situation in an uncommon way. The lead character, her mom remarries.  She has to move in with a new family. They are all boys and she doesn’t get along with ay of them. This is something that happens to a lot of kids. A lot of kids have step-brothers and sisters that they have to learn to adjust to. Sometimes it doesn’t work in the beginning and it takes them awhile to adjust. It’s a heightened. elevated plot.

Q: It appears that sadly, Shake It Up has come to an end. What will you miss about the show?

A: It’s like a bitter-sweet thing. It’s like being a senior and you’re graduating. You’re going to miss the kids that you were with. You’re going to miss the environment, the teachers. But you’re also ready to move on. There are other things you have do and explore. That’s exactly how I think of it. It’s bitter-sweet thing, but it ended up on a good note. Everybody ended it with something they had to do. Bella (co-star on Shake It Up) went to go do a movie and I went to go do Dancing With The Stars. Everyone had something lined up.

Thanks for chatting with us Zendaya!


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  1. Talented and pretty young lady! I had no clue Shake it Up ended. I really liked the show. Best of luck, Zendaya!

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