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Jermaine Jackson may be looking at a few months in jail if he doesn’t get caught up on child support payments soon. According to TMZ, the singer has not paid Alejandra Oaziaza support for Jermajesty and Jaafar in four months and is now facing the possibility of being held in contempt.

The media source reports,

“Jermaine is falling farther and farther behind …. he’s required to pay baby mama Alejandra Jackson $3K a month for 13-year-old Jermajesty and 17-year-old Jaafar … but the mailbox has  been empty for months.

Court docs obtained by TMZ show … of the $12K that he owes in back payments … he’s only coughed up a measly 85 bucks.

The L.A. County Child Support Services Dept. has filed papers asking a judge to hold Jermaine in contempt … which could put him behind bars for 20 days.”

Jermaine previously fell behind in child support but managed to catch up with two lump sum payments of $80,000 in 2011 and $33,000 earlier this year. The musician has eight kids in all.

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  1. What type of men would share a no-good-money-hungry woman and marry her

    She has kids by both brothers…so what are the kids to each other…BROTHERS/Cousins????

    So she just lays her nasty self collecting money…like a welfare check…

  2. I hope they put his behind in jail .I wonder what that hair will look after a month with no hair products.I still can’t figure what the H is going on with his hair

    • He had to give it back becaue he thought he could get Michael’ money that they didn’t get in court. Beggar! maybe one day the man in him might emerge, you think?

  3. Deja vu? When I first starting visiting BCK this story was one of the first I saw. How many times has this waste of space been “about” to be put in jail for not paying child support? His wife is a very wealthy Afghani; three thousand dollars a month for two children is a steal.

  4. “If you can’t feed ya baby (yeah yeah)
    Than dont have a baby (yeah yeah)
    ~Michael Jackson – Wanna be startin something~

  5. I see him with his boys all the time and I’m pretty sure those boys don’t want for nothing. She’s the one trying to make a living off of the Jacksons. That’s why she had the kids from both brothers, right? IJS.

    • A man is going to be a man. No, him sleeping with his brother’s woman isn’t right. There’s no justification for that, however, a woman has control over her body and who she spreads them to. SHE CHOSE to sleep with both brothers. I don’t feel bad for her at all.

    • They both were/are trying to live off MJ. She never worked a day in her life & he ran through the money he earned from his one hit off his one album.

      • I honestly don’t care who or what they’re living off of. All I know is this; she gave it up to this dude and his brother. I don’t feel sorry for her nor him. I don’t. She didn’t have one, but two kids with ole dude. She must’ve been the pass around. LOL! Life is about cause and effect. Well..The cause, he slept with his brother’s ex, she slept with her ex’s brother. Effect. She’s not gaining a doggone thing. No money. He’s facing jail time for not taking care of responsibilities. And in that order.

        • Like him money, money I hope one day they both learn to be adult. Beggar man the children are old enough for her to quit begging. If he didn’t take care at an earlier time he certainly can’t do it for adult. Berry Gordy got grandchildren out of that no good man and took care of them and the daughter. A real nothing Jermaine.

  6. That’s what Jermaine gets for sexing his brother’s trash. Guess he thought MJ was going to support him through Katherine all his life didn’t he? I don’t like this man or that money grubbing garden tool baby mama of his. Go to jail, drop dead, IDC just go away.

  7. Dang Jermaine, tough break. Honestly I don’t think Alejandra deserves a dime for messing with both brothers (Jermaine and Randy) and getting pregnant by them. Just sloppy mess. But in the end it’s about the children. smh

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