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    rachel crow

    Fifteen-year-old Rachel Crow is the new 2013 spokesperson for National Adoption Day. Rachel is helping the Dave Thomas Foundation raise over 2.2 million dollars for foster kids.

    Adoption is a subject that is close to Rachel’s heart. She was adopted as a baby after being removed from her home, which was deemed unsafe.

    “My mom likes to tell me about the first time she met me. She walked into a room, took one look at me, and knew right away that I was her baby. It was love at first sight, and it gives me chills every time she tells the story,” Rachel said in an interview with Digitaljournal.com.

    Rachel also urges those that are not in a position to adopt to help spread the word about adoption and foster care through social media. People can also help by collecting money or items for the Dave Thomas Foundation or other organizations like it.

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    1. I love this girl. I’m so glad she was adopted into a good family that supported her to follow her dreams. She seems so well adjusted and down-to-earth.

    2. Adoption..what can I say…perfect way to start or add to your family. The Dave Thomas foundation has done a lot to foster adoption especially for special needs and older children. I wonder if Dave Thomas has any adopted kids of his own (I do know he is dead I was just wondering).

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