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Michael Jackson

Joe Jackson has plans for Blanket. The father of the late King of Pop recently spoke about his dreams of making the youngest son of Michael the next great superstar.

“They said there would never be another Michael Jackson and I say that we already have one. But I say he just has to be trained. That kid (Blanket) is the splitting image of Michael when he was smaller,” said the patriarch of the Jackson family in a candid documentary that features all three of Michael’s kids. Blanket had words in the documentary, telling the camera that living on the Neverland ranch was much like living in a zoo.”We lived in kind of like a zoo basically,” said the tween. “[There were] giraffes, lions…You probably heard of it but yeah, we had a chimp named Bubbles.”  Blanket also expressed admiration for his dad telling media, “Sometimes I would go in his room and watch videos of him dancing.”

Blanket has two elder siblings, Prince and Paris. Michael Jackson died in 2009.

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  1. You guys are HILARIOUS. I don’t take Joe’s comment of splitting image of Michael as saying Blanket looks exactly like Michael. From what I read, my interpretation is that Blanket’s mannerisms/personality, dancing skills, and singing ability reminds him of young Michael at that age. We ALL know or atleast we should know that genetics and pigmentation changes in people. Shucks, his daddy is a prime example. I can say this out of all three of Michael’s children, Blanket has the most facial features of Michael’s. He is just high yellow, with long silky hair. Whereas Michael at his age was caramel with a tight afro. Stop using color as a mechanism of determining these celebrity children paternity and identity.

  2. Seriously or you serious? So a kid that looks pure African American like Heidi Klum kids……can’t look anything like her because she’s white? I have heard everything now, lawdy, lmbto.

  3. Blanket is NOT the splitting image of MJ when he was younger Joe. Your son looked african american, im not sure what Blanket is. They simply look nothing alike. Furthermore, there will never be another Michael Jackson, he was one of a kind, never will he be duplicated.

  4. “They said there would never be another Michael Jackson and I say that we already have one. But I say he just has to be trained…” O_O

    Blanket pack your bags, i’m coming for you!!! Joe please leave the boy alone!

    I saw the clip of Blanket talking, never heard him talk before or see him smile the way he was smiling talking about his dad. He is adorable

  5. Hold on Blanket, I’m hopping a plane to where you are & saving you from Grandfather Joe! You are MJ’s true mini-me & you are at the age where he began his assualt on MJ. You need to be saved NOW. I’m on my way young man…someone hold off Joe till I get there, we have to rescue this kid, hs is NOT safe around Joe!

  6. This whole documentary is tacky, asking the fans for donations. I feel bad for the children being placed in the middle of this. I hope Katherine has enough sense to keep Joe as far away from Blanket as possible. Seriously, that child doesn’t need to be put through what his father was put through.

  7. Joe always said that about Blanket. He said he can sing. Joe, please let Blanket decide what he wants to do. If he chooses to use the gift his father blessed him with, cool. If not, that’s cool too. Don’t push him into the industry.

  8. Oh Jesus, please protect Blanket from his grandfather. That man is the last person who needs to be “training” anyone’s child to do anything…

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