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The rumors just may be true. Ciara just may be pregnant with her first child. The singer hosted a charity event with fiance Future a few days ago, and she looked pregnant as ever in a sweatshirt with skirt. Although Ciara concealed her stomach under the baggy sweatshirt, she couldn’t hide the glow that showed on her face as she greeted recipients of the toy drive.

The ‘Body Parts’ singer told Singersroom last year that she would definitely be the nurturing type if she were to become a parent. “I definitely will be the mom that’s going to, like, preparing my kids’ their lunch and taking them out to their events and cheering them along the way. I’m totally going to be that.”

Ciara became engaged to rapper Future on her birthday tweeting, “Today Has 2 Be Like One Of The Sweetest Days Of My Life! #TheBestBirthdayEver. If I’m Dreaming I Don’t Want to Wake up,” shortly after having the question popped.

This will be the first child between Ciara and Future if she is in fact pregnant. No confirmation of expectancy has been given by the singer herself.

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  35. Her face has gotten fuller. She is usually showing off her long legs and abdomen area, so I think she is preg.

  36. Congrats to Cici abd Future! As long as he’s taking care of his kids I’m not judging! Y’all act like he’s the Dream, Swizz or Lil Wayne! No I wouldn’t have kids by a man with more than 1 child!


  38. Well if she is pregnant I wish her a healthy delivery and baby.

    That said taking care of a child requires more than money. Children also need time, attention, etc. It is very hard to give each child that when a man has children spread out over all creation. One can think of a few examples where a man seems to do a pretty good job in such a situation but more often than not at least one child gets the short end of the stick. Plus parents need to be a model of positive behavior for the next generation, making babies with every sue, sally, or Sarah isn’t doing that.

  39. She do appear to look pregnant. I think Future is gross looking. I really think Ciara could have done way better than him. So many black women, lower their standards, when they really need to be raising their standards and realizing their worth.

  40. Folks act as if they live with these people. Leave her alone, it is her decision and not yours. His kids are taken care of and he is on speaking turns with each of his baby mothers. That is all that is necessary. Folks make mistakes and he is entitled to a second chance. Wish them well or don’t say anything at all, especially considering you are not paying the bills or buying bottles. Congrats to Ci Ci and I hope she has a happy healthy pregnancy and marriage!

    • This right here is why our young generation is all screwed up. Their child has to deal with their siblings coming over to visit one different days. Future other kids have to deal with him being there 100% for one kid but not them. All the money in the world can’t buy the children happiness & peace of mind. The problem with y’all is y’all forever thinking about the adults when it’s about the children. The children shouldn’t have to suffer because future & Ciara can pay their own bills.

  41. Question: What Future don’t take care of his kids or something? Is that why are y’all shading her for possibly being pregnant by him?

    Even if he has a school bus load of kids, if he takes care of them.. what’s the problem?

    • Because my most standards its stupid for a young beautiful woman in her prime to get with a man who has as many kids as he does AND the fact that you probably have more money than him.

      In what world does that [STUFF] make sense?

      Also if he falls off then she will be paying the child support

    • the first babymama didn’t get child support from him until the boy was 10 years old, it’s said future dodged her for years and when he blew up, he couldn’t hide. he always took care of his daughter with india, and wasn’t there for brittni until the DNA test came back.

  42. girl…i caped for you.

    and this is how you treat me? This is just not acceptable, I Can’t.

    since you couldnt have 50 you chose this demon to spawn with?

    hope yo baby is healthy though…

      • 50 is worth way more money and has way fewer baby mamas. But I don’t think 50 is trying to have anymore kids and I think Ciara may have wanted a baby.

    • I never doubted she was pregnant and I wasn’t fooled by the dress she wore to the AMAs. Ciara has also never denied being pregnant unlike late last year when a rumor went around that 50 had knocked her up and she quickly took to Twitter to deny it. Things that make you go hmmm….

  43. Lawd! Ciara girl, how you gonna get knocked up by a man that makes less than you and has 50 baby mamas? Chile!

  44. she has a gut full of praying mantis! She’s a fool! That dirty ninja still screwing the city! Hope she has a healthy pregnancy but I’m just so disappointed in her. Cierror you stay losing.

  45. She’s looks preggo!!!!

    Hopefully she don’t have that Kim K type of pregnancy cause she is looking like it!

  46. Congrats. Still I must say women who get pregnant to a man who has multiple children with multiple women are better than me. If she likes it…well I don’t care.

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