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Lil Wayne &CO.

Lil Wayne &CO.

Christmas is here and your favorite celebrities and their kids are portrait ready. From Tamera and baby Aden posing by the Christmas tree to LL Cool J hanging with the family, these stars have got the most fly holiday pictures in Hollywood. Check out all of the greats here!

The Combs

The Combs

The Smiths

The Smiths

The Boshes

The Boshes

For more, check out the gallery below and even more HERE!

Photos: Instagram

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  • pic1
  • June Ambrose&Co.
  • The Boshes
  • The Housleys
  • The Pippens
  • The Anthonys
  • The Combs
  • The Turrentines
  • gallery1
  • Garcelle &Co.
  • Lil Wayne &CO.
  • The Smiths
  • The Peetes




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  1. Where is the Bosh son? And Scottie Pippen? All the pictures are lovely but I feel like all the FAM should be included.

  2. Lil Wayne should be ashamed for his family. Where the rest of his kids at, they deserve a photo op as well

    • That wasn’t an official family holiday picture. Reginae posted that Christmas morning. She spent Christmas with her dad in Miami. The other 2 boys probably stayed w/ their mom or saw dad later in the day

    • Are all these comments from the same person, under different names?! lol

      All the families look so nice!!!

    • That’s his fiancee Dhea Sodano. They’ve been together since 2010, after he got out. She gets along with all his kids and baby mamas.

      • Very nice. Thanks for that info! Why do people get so upset when black people decide to date interracially? For whatever reason, people are allowed to date whichever race they like.

        The only time I have a problem with it is when they’re trying to be white [I.E Azealia Banks]. I don’t know much about Weezy but he looks happy.

  3. Smile Aden! lol

    I actually LOVE the pic of Wayne and Co. It looks very genuine and candid unlike other families.

    The Combs pic is the classiest and most stylish of the bunch.

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