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In case you hadn’t heard, Evelyn Lozada is officially engaged to the father of her child-to-be. The ‘Basketball Wives’ star said “yes” just in time for Christmas, making MLB player Carl Crawford one happy man. Evelyn’s ring is valued at $1.4 million with 14.5 carats to show for it. Learn more about the engagement and what else your star friends have been up to in this week’s version of ‘A Celebrity Baby Blog.’

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  1. It doesn’t matter how big the ring is, she is still NOT marriage material! She has low self-esteem and will sleep with anybody for some attention. #damagedgoods

    • I agree with you and I love visiting this website from time to time to see the celebrities I enjoy and their children. But I must say that I was very surprised to see the finger of Evelyn Lozado from Basket Ball Wives. I feel that this website is TOO RESPECTFUL to include anything that has something to do with her. I will admit that I will be curious to see what the baby looks like but it is bettered suited to see it on a less respectful gossip style source.

  2. Love Cree’s curls. Like them loose instead of braided. Little Sebastian would have been just as happy with an empty box and a pair of socks. LOL

  3. I’m no Evelyn fan or advocate but I don’t she what she did wrong here. Amy herself has stated her baby was a result of a one night stand with her ex & that they hadn’t been in a relationship for a while nor are they trying to be. So I don’t see how her “heartache” comes in to play when she doesn’t even want him. Now would I be with a man who has another woman pregnant at the same time he’s pursuing me, probably not. But he told her what was going one and they preceded on with their relationship. I’ve seen on plenty of sites “Evelyn a home wrecker”, well you can’t wreck a home that doesn’t exist.

    • He is a multi million dollar man. He can sleep with any number of women. One night stand? I think not. There is a ten plus year history and feelings there. I would avoid it like the plague.

      • Just because they have history doesn’t mean they can’t have a one night stand. Fact of the matter is they weren’t & aren’t together. Maybe you should stop making this a bigger deal then it is because she obviously doesn’t care as much as you do. All Amy is worried about is uprooting her kids to LA so she can get a bigger child support check.

  4. Her happiness sadly is Amy freeman’s heartache. She is the mother of Carl’s 10 yr old son and 6 month baby girl, “Do the math”. It’s weird how a woman avoids getting pregnant since her last pregnancy 20 years ago?! and coincidentally she is now 7 months pregnant. Obi it was on purpose. Just saying.

  5. That is a huge ring. Never understood the point of carrying around something so big and expensive on your finger. Then again I’m poor and my ring is about 13 Carats less than that, but still I don’t get it. It’s like these people try to compensate for their lack of relationship with the ring.
    It must also be very hurtful for the ex who has been around for over 10 years and 2 babies later to see this man get engaged so fast.

  6. Wow! Just read he has a ten year old and five month old baby with his ex! They have been dating for a year and a half. Hope she doesnt become a sister wife. She needs a break.

  7. Love Cree’s hair pics! Handsome lil guy!

    Baby Bash has too much toys. At his age the wrapping paper is the best toy to play with. My little 10 mon old cousin entertained herself for over 30 mins playing with the wrapping paper and boxes Christmas morning. Poor Elmo had no one to give hugs to.

  8. Evelyns moving to fast…. both she and this guy she’s engaged to just got out of relationships…. which resolved in painful situations….. evelyn I’m not liking this man… how is he marrying you but want to make decisions on where he wants his ex to live? He seems controling and you seem desperate. Hopefully your baby come into this world healthy

  9. The Jolie-Pitt clan is getting so big!! Maddox has a little mustache omg lol

    Congrats Evelyn, hopefully things work out this time

  10. I like how the RING plays a bigger part in the marriage than the actual COMMITMENT and vowels themselves. We live in a generation where SOME people look at marriage and starting a family and treat it like it’s a joke and is seen as just some “hand bag” to show off.

  11. Hopefully this marriage will last for her. No need to keep showing off the ring though.

    who cares about that foolish stuff about how many carats it is.

    get a life and pray that your marriage is healthy this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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