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There’s a new member in the Bridges clan, as Ludacris and friend Tameka Fuller welcomed a baby girl into the world on Monday, December 9, 2013. The rapper and his child’s mother gave their bundle of joy the name of Cai Bella. Cute!

Ludacris already has a daughter named Karma from a previous relationship whom he has vowed to do anything for. “I encourage my daughter to do whatever she wants to do. Period. I will support that,” said Luda to ‘The Breakfast Club’ last year. The rapper also talked about his daughter’s passion for music telling media, “Every since she was young she would be in the studio with me and wanting to do what daddy does. At one point she got in there and actually said something and was on beat. I was just surprised, and I told her if she wanted to rap she had to rap about what is going on in her life. So I said, ‘You gotta rap about school. You better talk about this math. You better talk about this science, or this history.’”

Ludacris and his longtime girlfriend Eudoxie Agnan (pictured above with Karma) were allegedly on a break when this new baby was conceived. Cai is his second child.


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  1. 루이비통 팔레르모 pm


  2. On Break, implies that you plan to get back together. The main women aren’t getting pregnant, without marriage. Why are they having unprotected sex with their “break” women?

  3. Maybe these women stayed because 1. Maybe they really were on “breaks” & 2. Maybe they were exploring other options as well & just didn’t get pregnant (or got rid of it. Who knows).

  4. I don’t understand how many of these men have “on break” babies and expect to be good dads. Sorry there is no way you can be a good dad with one kid being raised in California and another in Atlanta. You end up neglecting one kid. Being a good dad is more than donating some of your funds to support the kid its about being there…in person. *sigh*.
    Luda you’re officially a member of the dead beat dad kids all over the country club.

  5. These men have ZERO respect for these loyal women who foolishly continue to stand by them. Sisters start leaning to love YOURSELF more than these pigs! Funny thing is how many times do they cheat and simply don’t get caught, that should be the other concern for the women.

  6. So another” on a break baby” I guess they are the 2014 love child.I hope these men are part of their kids lives.

  7. SMH, it’s bad enough for a man to be disrespectful by cheating on his gf/fiancee and top that off with impregnating someone else but to not use any protection with randoms and put not only their health but the health of their innocent girlfriend/fiancee in jeopardy is despicable.

    I learned the painful but now grateful way, a man will only do what you allow him to do. There should be no amount of love or money spent on you/you have at your disposal worth your self respect/worth and most of all putting your health in jeopardy by staying with a cheater who doesn’t always practice safe sex.

  8. If Gabrielle and Eudoxie just don’t want to put their bodies through a pregnancy but don’t want to deny their men children then they should just say that instead of looking like Booboo the fool to everyone. It isn’t exactly a surrogate situation but hey if that’s what they want to do. But that whole we were on a break excuse is super stupid. I’m disappointed at how careless these men have been.

  9. Sigh. Do better, black men, do better. I can’t worry about them. I’m in intensive training with the three I have over here so I won’t be watching them make a fool of themselves later. God help me.

  10. I am all too familiar with the pain that infidelity causes and I would never want to wish that on anyone else. I see all of these “celebrity love children” stories and it just boggles my mind, how low a woman will go for a touch of fame and how a many will risk a family for a piece of silicone injected butt! I couldn’t sleep at night knowing I’m carrying the seed of a man that’s married or in a serious relationship, with ANOTHER woman. Not me, HER! I don’t care how famous he is! People say you can’t break up a home that’s broken. Well, WAIT and see before you jump in the sack. It does NOT come with the territory of being a celebrity. Being rich is not a free pass to cheat nor is being famous! Plus, that child will ALWAYS be known for his parents mistakes. Look at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s kid. Is that fair to them. All because the parents wanted a wet a$$. And we all know the term “on break” is just a cover up! Please!

    • Right! No way….sorry! Too much self-respect for myself to deal with that. Money can’t buy true happiness. Unfortunately, these ladies will have to learn the hard way or will keep trying until they get them a check as well.

    • Luda shocked me. D-Wade I wasn’t surprised by. Luda I thought was so much smarter and to top it off he is only trying to pay his baby mama $1,400 per month while he makes $24,000.00 or more per month. Of course she don’t need millions, but shouldn’t the baby live the same style life as he? He made it….

  11. When Luda say they were on a break. If you check their time lies nobody was on a break. These mofos need to stop lieing.

  12. So everybody is using the break story now to make it look good..LOL!! I am not buying it all. If you are taking a break at least use protection cause now your woman has to deal with baby mam drama and all that other mess for no reason..smh!!

  13. Why is it that no one is staying faithful any more. These male celebrities are constantly getting women thrown at the left and right. A child is a wonderful thing but under then circumstances of being unfaithful to a women you are in a relationship with is not okay. Cheating men is what causes the spread of HIV and STD’s. While Ludacris and Dwade seem like great men it seems that they can’t keep it in their pants! But if their leading women can stand by them than I have no right to judge.

  14. I bet that Ludacris would never accept if Eudoxie had became pregnant with another man’s child. He would have not taken her back and helped raise her child.

    Unfortunately, women are saddled with being the support system for not only the man but his children as well. We are told to be nourishing and forgiving but would Dwayne or Ludacris would have done the same.

    • Too bad mama didn’t teach these women to love themselves. This is terrible especially since both of these women HAD great careers. But these days its all about trying to be a power couple for the public. I just don’t see how you can love a man you can’t respect. My heart goes out to their school aged children who have to endure the negative press.

  15. These men are out of control and the women who stick by their sides when they wander and make babies with other women are JUST STUPID!!!

  16. Wow!!!…first Dwayne now Ludacris. I sure hope this is NOT the new trend for men, cause being single is looking mighty fine right about now. smh.

  17. The best thing to do if you are a cheating man is use protection!!! Its so easy but so many men just can’t seem to to so. BCK wrote it as if it was just a mutual thing between all of them by calling her his “friend” that really threw me off my rocker.

  18. Ummm how does that play out? I was rooting for Luda to be a great faithful man to Eudoxie. I guess that went out the window. Are there any good men out there? hmmm… Anywho Congrats on the Bundle wish all parties involved nothing but the best.

      • I don’t know what it’s going to take for these people to get it together. It’s only a matter of time before they catch something other than a baby while they are on these “breaks”. It’s freaking 2014 and these grown men and women, with impressionable kids at home, are having unprotected sex. And Luda is worried about child support? A box of condoms are much less than $1400 a month. We have to do better.

  19. Huh woow I was confused…I knew he was dating Eudoxie sooo The woman’s name mentioned above threw me off….woow seems to be the new trend to break up or cheat on your woman, get another woman pregnant, then work it out, and the woman still stays…well congrats Luda on your new bundle of joy.

  20. Sooo, I wonder what kind of influence this situation will have on Karma. As daughters, we should see our fathers model how a good man treats a woman…the love, security, honor, and respect that she should expect from a man. This situation, no matter if Eudoxie and he had an open relationship, speaks volumes. Wonder what he would say to his daughter if one day, she was in a committed relationship and her boyfriend/fiance got another woman pregnant.

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